Republicans blocked an independent commission to investigate the attack on the U.S. capital

Republicans blocked an independent commission to investigate the attack on the U.S. capital

Senate Republicans on Friday repealed legislation that would create an independent commission to investigate the January attack on the U.S. capital.

The vote was 54 in favor and 35 against, with less than 60 to go, making it the first bill in the new Democratic-controlled Congress due to obstacles in the Senate.

Six Republican senators have broken their leadership and voted to debate the bill with 48 Democrats: Alaska’s Lisa Markowski; Rob Portman from Ohio; Ben Sass, from Nebraska; Bill Cassidy, from Louisiana; Mitt Romney, from Utah; And Susan Collins of Maine.

Two Democrats and nine Republicans were absent.

Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Pat Tommy missed the vote because of family commitments, but would have voted yes to breaking any barriers, his spokesman said. His presence was not enough for success.

The bill was approved by the House by 252-175 votes last week, with 35 Republicans in favor. It was discussed rap. Benny Thompson, D-Miss. And rep. John Cuttack, R-New York, top Democrat and top Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee.

In addition to sharing 10 nominees equally between the two parties, Katko received various concessions on behalf of his party.

But Senate Republicans, led by minority leader Mitch McConnell, opposed the bill because some in the party feared the commission report would be a bad policy for them and undermine their goal of gaining control of Congress in the 2022 election. Former President Donald Trump lobbied to oppose Republican leaders, and McConnell called it a perfect political exercise.

Republican South Dakota Sen. John Thun of the Second Senate told reporters last week that some of his colleagues were concerned that the work of the proposed commission could be used as a weapon in their midterm elections.

Army chief Mike Brown, R-Indiana said before taking a strong vote, said it was another sign of Trump’s firm grip on the party despite the latest defeat.

A Chinese contest bill delayed Friday’s vote after a jam on Thursday, which Senate leaders agreed to postpone.

Before the committee voted, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer told Republicans: What are you afraid of? The truth? Are you afraid that the big lie of Donald Trump will disappear?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticized McConnell and others for blocking the bill after Democrats agreed with what Republicans said.

Republican senators surrendered at a Jan. 6 rally in protest of McConnell’s request in a private statement, he said in a statement. The denial of the truth about the Jan. 6 coup by leader McConnell and Senate Republicans has embarrassed the Senate.

McConnell did not speak in the Senate chamber before or after Friday’s vote.

On Friday, Sen. Joe Munchin, a Democratic senator from West Virginia, increasingly annoyed McConnell, saying his move complicates any possibility of bilateral action.

Match McConnell made it extremely difficult, Manchin said. I would like to think that Mitch is a person who can understand if this organization is not better than anyone else. With this commission, he is making it very difficult in anything. Commission is something that this country needs.

There is no excuse. This is pure crude politics. And it’s so frustrating. It’s really discouraging, he said. I never thought I would see the intimate and personal things that can win in the politics of our country. And I am going to fight to save this country.

Sen. Lisa Markowski, R-Alaska who criticized her colleagues who opposed the January bill and accused her party of accepting electoral concerns, has more to learn.

We can’t pretend that something bad didn’t happen or that people panicked. Something bad happened. It is important for the journalists to know this after the delay in the voting in the proposed commission on Thursday night.

He said Republicans have an obligation to try to see the truth.

Is that really so? Is everything one election cycle after another? Or are we going to recognize it as a country based on this principle of democracy that we appreciate so much that we have had free and fair elections and we respect the results of those elections and allow for the peaceful passage of peace, he said? . I want it to go beyond the electoral cycle.

Markovsky spoke as well as Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman, who was hailed as the hero for his swift action to thwart Senate rioters.

Later on Thursday night, an NBC News witness showed Goodman Markovsky his phone in a conversation and said: You are inside.

He replied: Wait, have you been following me the whole time? Markowski then embraced Goodman. I’m worried among us, he said.

On Thursday, Murkowski dismissed the peculiarities of some of his colleagues that the attack on the capital during the certification of the results of the Electoral College was not a big issue.

It was not a passing group of tourists. He did not protest lightly, citing remarks by Republicans in the House that the unrest had subsided.

So to suggest it in one way or another, it wasn’t so bad: for more than a century, when we were going to allow change peacefully it was our capital attack of play cans. He said he is from one administration to another.

Sahil Kapoor, Frank Thorpe V, Julie Sirkin and Leigh Ann Caldwell reported from Washington and Dareh Gregorian from New York.

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