Retro Platformer Zool Is Being Remade For PC

Retro Platformer Zool Is Being Remade For PC

Zool Redimensioned is an upcoming remake of a classic platformer from the Amiga line of computers, and it’s arriving on Steam later this month.

The classic retro platformer Zool is being remade for PC as Zool Redimensions, which is due to launch later in August. The original Zool was released for the Amiga in ’92, where it was considered by many to be the system’s equivalent to Super Mario or Sonic the Hedgehog, with the titular Zool being treated as the mascot of the Amiga.

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Zool was considered to be one of the best games on the Amiga line of computers, and it’s being revived on PC by developer Sumo Digital Academy and publisher Secret Mode, with help from the original developers of the game. The official Secret Mode Twitter account has revealed that Zool is being remade as Zool Redimensioned and it’s coming to Steam soon. Not only does the new game contain a remake of Zool, but it also has the Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) version of the game for people who want the original experience.

Zool Redimensioned also has a Redimensionsed mode, which has quality of life features that bring it more in line with modern platformers. The boss fights have been redesigned and all of the stages have been enhanced. Zool Redimensioned also features unlockable achievements, a level select, checkpoints, accessibility options, and new secrets that weren’t in the original game. The original Zool was one of the better 16-bit retro platformers that didn’t belong to Nintendo or Sega, and Zool Redimensioned can give gamers the chance to experience this classic on modern PCs.

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Zool Redimensioned will be released for PC (via Steam) in August 2021.

Source: Secret Mode/Twitter, Steam

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