RHOC: Kelly Dodd Forced To Apologize By Heather Amid COVID-19 Claims

RHOC: Kelly Dodd Forced To Apologize By Heather Amid COVID-19 Claims

Amid her firing from The Real Housewives of Orange County, Kelly Dodd was forced to issue an apology to Heather and her son about her COVID-19 claims.

Kelly Dodd is going out bad following her recent removal from The Real Housewives of Orange County. The controversial show star was forced to issue an apology to Heather Dubrow and her son after Kelly blamed the teen for giving her and her husband COVID-19. After receiving a legal letter, Kelly took to Instagram to share a sarcasm-filled apology to her former co-star.

Sympathy was the last thing Kelly received when word got out of her COVID-19 diagnosis. The Bravo star spent the last year under fire over her insensitive remarks regarding the pandemic. During the RHOC reunion, Kelly was forced to address her comments that the virus was “God’s way of thinning the herd.” However, she followed that up by making light of wearing face masks. Kelly shared her mother’s journey with the virus but seemingly remained skeptical on social media. After recently getting the vaccination, show fans blasted her for the blatant hypocrisy.

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But things only got worse for Kelly when she actually contracted the virus herself. When addressing her positive diagnosis, Kelly claimed she contracted the virus after going to a party where Heather’s 16-year-old son was also present. After insinuating that Heather’s son gave her COVID-19, Kelly received a cease-and-desist letter forcing her to issue out a public apology or face a lawsuit. “So I got this letter from an attorney from the Dubrow family reminding me I made a statement that may sound like truth when in fact it was a joke, and for that, I’m offering my sincere apology,” Kelly said in a video captured by Queens of Bravo.

Kelly Dodd

Kelly held the legal letter while issuing out her extremely sarcastic plea to her former co-star. She went on to recall the party she attended on New Year’s Eve where Heather’s son was also in attendance. Kelly claims she “had information leading us all to believe we could have gotten COVID from them because we all–like 24 of us– got COVID that night,” she said. She admitted that though she made the statement, she and anyone else who made the claims had “no way of proving or knowing for sure he or his friends were the source of our infection and for that, I apologize,” Kelly added.

While also speaking on behalf of her husband Rick Levanthal, Kelly said they both have no idea how they contracted the virus and sincerely apologized to Heather and her family for making the tasteless joke. This is just the latest blow to Kelly’s public image after getting axed from the show. While she initially blamed Braunwyn Windham-Burke for getting her fired, during a recent interview she admittedly blamed herself, saying she was the reason she got fired. There’s no word on if anyone else is looking to add her to their TV roster. For now, Kelly might want to think before she speaks to avoid legal action she can’t afford.

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Source: Queens of Bravo

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