RHONJ: Fans Beg Gia Giudice to Stop Altering Her Face

RHONJ: Fans Beg Gia Giudice to Stop Altering Her Face

The Real Housewives of New Jersey fans are in Gia Giudice’s Instagram comments begging her to stop altering her face after her latest upload.

Gia Giudice is facing criticism from The Real Housewives of New Jersey fans who are accusing her of altering her face. After Gia shared a photo promoting a hair serum, her followers instead opted to call out how different they think she looks. Many of them blamed her mom Teresa Giudice for seemingly rubbing off on her eldest daughter and inspiring her to constantly enhance her looks. With Teresa openly admitting to getting lip fillers and botox, some critics think that her daughter is potentially joining the club.

As the eldest of Teresa’s four daughters, Gia Giudice has found herself at the mercy of being brought up in her mom’s RHONJ drama. For instance, Teresa’s season 12 spat with Jackie Goldscneider resulted in Gia being called into meetings after Jackie falsely accused Gia of doing substances in the bathroom at parties. Gia was questioned by her school and sorority due to Jackie’s “analogy” about her. Many fans have praised Gia for being a mature and empathetic daughter who gives her mom a reality check and handles her friendship quarrels. While Teresa is known to shake tables, Gia appears to have a more calm, cool, and collected approach to handling issues.

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Last week, Gia came under fire after she shared an ad on Instagram (included below) promoting a hair serum to her followers. But instead of commenting on the product or even Gia’s hair, her followers blasted the reality star with plastic surgery accusations. “You are so gorgeous,” one person said before typing in all caps. “STOP! WITH ALL THE ENHANCEMENTS!” They told Gia that she was “too young” to be seemingly getting work done. While Gia has admitted to getting a nose job after years of feeling insecure about it, the followers noted her rhinoplasty but begged her to “PLEASE STOP!” Another fan claimed that Teresa was “influencing” her daughter to potentially get face enhancements.

Another follower shared the same sentiments, saying that Teresa and Gia were “turning into cartoons.” Someone else said that Gia looked better before. “Between the lip injections and nose job, it just gives her a really weird look,” they wrote. From looking at the photo, Gia’s lips do look fuller than they have in older photos. Alas, the young college student hasn’t confessed to getting any work done other than a nose job. Another one of Gia’s followers was blunt with their question: “What happened to your face?” Other fans blasted Gia and claimed she looked unrecognizable in comparison to how she looked on RHONJ season 12.

There was one fan who was more gentle with their criticism and told Gia how naturally gorgeous she is. However, this person still asked Gia to consider laying off getting anything else done to her face. The Real Housewives of New Jersey fans are holding back their judgment over Gia’s looks. They think Teresa is guilty of inspiring her daughter to enhance her appearance, but it’s a good thing that Gia has tough skin and knows how to ignore negativity.

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Source: Gia Giudice on Instagram

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