Richard E. Grant Was Disappointed His Classic Loki Costume Didn’t Have Muscle Padding

Richard E. Grant Was Disappointed His Classic Loki Costume Didn’t Have Muscle Padding

Exclusive: Loki guest star Richard E. Grant says he was disappointed that his Classic Loki costume didn’t have any extra superhero muscle padding.

Loki actor Richard E. Grant says he was disappointed that his Classic Loki costume didn’t have any of Marvel’s signature muscle padding. Grant’s old variant of the God of Mischief, who pays homage in his appearance and mannerisms to the original Marvel Comics version of the character, is one of many such alternate Loki variants scattered throughout the series. Classic Loki seems to be one of the most powerful of them all, though his strength isn’t necessarily in his muscles.

Grant’s Classic Loki was rumored before the show’s first episode even aired on Disney+, and he’s been a big hit with viewers since his debut in the post-credits scene of episode 4. In addition to his retro aesthetic, the older variant also shows a greater predilection towards magic and sorcery over conventional weapons. His prowess in that field is shown off at the end of Loki episode 5, when Classic Loki conjures a full-size replica of Asgard itself out of thin air to distract Alioth, the beast that guards the Void.

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Though Grant’s Loki gets to pull off some impressive displays of magical power in the show, the actor apparently was still hoping for a bit more in the physical strength department. In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, the star explained that his initial idea of the character included, at minimum, at least some level of muscle padding – a choice that would have been in line with the character’s original Marvel look. Unfortunately for Grant, that wasn’t meant to be. Read his full quote below:

They sent me a sketch—with muscles, I might add. Maybe they assumed that I had some, but of course I turned up [looking] like a stick insect. And I did say to the costume designer, ‘Your drawing of what I look like has got muscles and looks fantastic. That’s what I would love to look like.’ So I assumed, from her drawing that she sent to me in advance, that that’s what I would have. I would step into a sort of Batman-like muscle suit, like the Jack Kirby drawings. But that was not to be and I thought, ‘Oh well, old, withered Loki is more likely what I’ve ended up with. Not much for Asgard to fight off!’

Loki Episode 5 Classic Loki

While it may not have been exactly what Grant had in mind when he signed on to play the character, Classic Loki’s unpadded look plays great for his role in the story. The character’s entire dogma, aside from survival above all else, is that magic is the greatest source of power. Such a person likely wouldn’t put stock in sheer physical strength, so the less muscular costume actually fits much better with the character.

Maybe a bit more physical combat prowess would have helped Classic Loki survive his encounter with Alioth, but probably not. The variant’s illusion was only meant to buy time for Loki and Sylvie to enchant the beast, after all – a mission that was ultimately successful. Some fans have theorized that the Classic Loki devoured by Alioth was actually an illusion itself, meaning that the character could still be alive. With only one Loki episode left, it should be interesting to see if Grant’s variant returns.

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