Robin Admits Green Arrow is Basically Batman, But Even Worse

In DC’s Robin, the sons of Batman and Green Arrow compare their similar fathers, but there’s one thing that makes Oliver Queen worse than Bruce Wayne.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Robin #3

In the latest issue of DC Comics’ Robin, the sons of Green Arrow and Batman confirm that Oliver Queen is very similar to Bruce Wayne, but he’s definitely worse than the Dark Knight in a very critical area. Having entered into the League of Lazarus’ tournament to investigate the enigmatic organization, Damian Wayne is pitting himself against the greatest assassins and fighters the DC Universe has to offer, including the chosen champion of the League of Shadows: Connor Hawke, the secret son of the Green Arrow. However, the two rivals end up bonding in this new issue while comparing their fathers.

While Ra’s al Ghul leads the League of Assassins, the League of Shadows is a rival organization that broke off from the fold. They’re determined to win the contest hosted by the third League known as the League of Lazarus, the group tasked with guarding the largest Lazarus Pit ever discovered in the DC Universe. As such, the winner will be granted immortality courtesy of the powerful healing waters and their ability to resurrect the dead. While there’s plenty of formidable fighters eager to claim the prize, Robin has already identified Connor Hawke as his chief competition, being the League of Shadows’ chosen champion.

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However, Robin #3 from writer Joshua Williamson and Gleb Melnikov sees Damian and Connor meeting with one another in the evening (when duels are supposedly prohibited). Connor reveals to Damian that his father is also a hero just like Batman, and the two soon bond over how similar the Green Arrow and Batman are to one another. However, there is one area in particular where Oliver Queen is much worse than Bruce Wayne: fatherhood.


As the two young men compare notes, it’s pretty remarkable how much Green Arrow is like Batman and vice versa. However, the sad way in which Oliver is different (and worse) is that Green Arrow effectively abandoned his responsibilities as a father to Connor. This seemingly confirms that Connor’s history in Infinite Frontier is the same as his classic origins, as he was noticeably absent from The New 52 era of DC Comics. Not ready to be a father, Oliver abandoned Connor despite holding him in his arms the day he was born, leaving Connor’s mother to raise him alone. However, the key difference now is that Green Arrow’s son has somehow become indebted to the League of Shadows, and is forced to fight Robin by the issue’s end.

While Batman has the excuse that he had no idea Damian even existed until he was 10 years old, Green Arrow doesn’t have an excuse at all. Clearly, it’s something that Oliver Queen needs to deal with soon, seeing as how Connor is obviously headed down a very dark path with the League of Shadows. While this isn’t to say that Bruce Wayne is the perfect father (Batman and Robin are currently estranged), at least he stepped up to try and integrate Damian into his life. It certainly seems like it’s time for Green Arrow to do the same as Infinite Frontier continues.

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