Ryan Reynolds Shares New Images Wearing Deadpool’s Suit

Ryan Reynolds Shares New Images Wearing Deadpool’s Suit

Ryan Reynolds reveals several new behind-the-scenes images from the latest Free Guy trailer where he got the chance to wear his Deadpool suit again.

Ryan Reynolds shares new images of himself wearing the Deadpool suit. It’s been a few years since the actor last reprised his comic book role via David Leitch’s Deadpool 2 from 2018. Since then, a lot has already happened, including the character now confirmed to be under Marvel Studios, with Deadpool 3 currently in the works.

In the meantime, the actor has been busy with other ventures. That includes a brand new movie, Free Guy, where he reunites with Taika Waititi. The pair previously co-starred in Martin Campbell’s critically-panned Green Lantern movie, which both of them have joked about in the past. In their latest project together, Reynolds plays the titular character, Guy, while Waititi is the narrative’s main villain, Antoine. Given this, they teamed up in the new trailer for the project wherein they reprised their respective Marvel characters. Waititi appeared as Korg, the rock-creature from the Thor films, while Reynolds reprised Deadpool; in it, they pretend to react to the promo clip.

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That said, Reynolds remains masked in the whole bit, so it’s difficult to tell if it was even really him in the Free Guy promo. But now, the actor confirms that he’s indeed on set, donning the full Deadpool costume. In a series of Instagram Stories, he also joked about potentially stealing the suit even though Disney will most like come after him. Check out the new images from Reynolds’ Instagram story below:

In early June 2021, Reynolds posted an image on his social media of Deadpool’s mask. Many perceived this either as something related to Deadpool 3 or figured he was just joking around. However, chances are that it had something to do with filming the latest Free Guy marketing clip. Impressively, the actor could’ve let someone else wear the costume since it’s only for a promo and then add his voice-over later on. This would’ve been easier; after all, Deadpool doesn’t remove his mask in the video anyway. But, chances are that Reynolds wanted to be as involved as he can in all aspects of the projects. In any case, he previously admitted to having fun with these promotional campaigns.

It’s worth noting, however, that this video is likely not Marvel canon, so this is technically not Reynolds’ first outing as Deadpool in the MCU. Understandably, many could assume that since Korg is there too, but this is purely for Free Guy. As for when the Merc-With-A-Mouth finally debuts in the aforementioned franchise? It’s difficult to predict. At this point, Marvel Studios’ slate is stacked until at least 2023, with a mix of big and small screen projects in the pipeline. However, that doesn’t mean that Reynolds and his creative team aren’t already tinkering for potential narratives for the threequel.

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