Scream 5 Directors Promise A Ton Of Easter Eggs In Reboot Movie

Scream 5 Directors Promise A Ton Of Easter Eggs In Reboot Movie

Scream 5 directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett assure that there will be a ton of Easter eggs in the new installment of the franchise.

Scream 5 filmmaking team, Radio Silence, said that the new movie will have a lot of Easter eggs. The 1996 original film was directed by Wes Craven (A Nightmare on Elm Street) and written by Kevin Williamson (I Know What You Did Last Summer). The film follows Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), who finds herself the targeted obsession of a mysterious killer hunting local teenagers of Woodsboro, California in a mask and costume, called Ghostface. The film would ultimately spawn three sequels.

Radio Silence is composed of a trio of filmmakers named Chad Villella, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. Villella is the group’s producer, while the latter two are directors. The trio is known for their work on Ready or NotV/H/S, and Southbound. The plot follows a woman who heads back to the town she once called home to uncover the mystery behind a spree of brutal crimes. Filming concluded back in November 2020, with Gillett having more recently confirmed that Scream 5 is fully finished.

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In an interview with Hello Sidney, Radio Silence spoke about the upcoming installment. They talked a lot about the legacy of the original film and its sequels. They also acknowledge that the plot is fairly straightforward and doesn’t require too much knowledge, although the experience is improved by having more knowledge of the previous entries. While the film stands alone, Gillett stated that there will be a lot of Easter eggs throughout the film. See below for his full comment:

A lot of it came from the script, where the entry point is accessible to everybody. This isn’t a movie that you need to have seen 27 other movies to understand […] But, your experience will be extremely heightened the more knowledge you have of those previous four. We have a ton of easter eggs. It wouldn’t be a SCREAM movie if it wasn’t self-referential and didn’t talk about, you know, where the genre is at in a kind of pop culture sense.”

ghostface scream 5 finished

Scream 5 marks the first installment of the franchise to not be directed by Craven. Unfortunately, the legendary filmmaker passed away on August 30, 2015 due to a brain tumor. His presence in the horror genre has been dearly missed. However, Radio Silence succeeded in a major way with the self-aware Ready or Not, making them a great choice to continue with the franchise moving forward. It’s exciting to see what they will be able to bring to the series.

The Scream franchise has never taken itself very seriously, as it incorporates a lot of humor that pokes fun at the conventions of the horror genre. With Gillett’s promise of Easter eggs, it’s possible that the film may be poking fun at previous installments of the franchise. Otherwise, the horror genre has evolved a lot since Scream 4 was released in 2011. This gives the filmmakers plenty of new content to play around with. Nevertheless, it sounds like fans of the franchise will have plenty of fun Easter eggs to keep an eye out for while watching Scream 5.

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Source: Hello Sidney

  • Scream 5 (2022)Release date: Jan 14, 2022


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