Seeking Sister Wife: What April Briney Is Up To In 2021

Seeking Sister Wife: What April Briney Is Up To In 2021

April Briney is a Seeking Sister Wife alum who’s been thriving in 2021. April is estranged from her former family but enjoys her art career.

April Briney starred on Seeking Sister Wife season 1 and we’ve found out what April is up to in 2021. April was featured on the show’s debut season in 2018, alongside her polygamist family. From explaining her reasons for leaving her family to working on her art business in 2021, April has been keeping busy since leaving the series.

Unfortunately, April and her husband Drew Briney were not one of the Seeking Sister Wives couples that stayed together. During her time on reality television, April and Drew were part of a plural marriage. In addition to April, Drew was married to his wives Auralee and Angela. Together, the trio of wives had 13 children to raise. April and Drew had been married for 20 years before they started their careers as reality television stars. While on Seeking Sister Wife, April indicated that she was interested in pursuing a life separate from her complicated family. Aside from April’s occasional references to wanting a more independent life, the Briney family appeared to be functioning pretty well. Unfortunately, the Briney family’s decision to star on reality television led directly to April’s exit.

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Apparently, April left while Seeking Sister Wife season 2 was filming. On May 28, April packed up her bags, collected her six children, Jasher, Jacob, Brielle, Jocelyn, Kyra, and Keilana, and went back home to Utah. The Seeking Sister Wife family’s marriage fallout was captured on camera, but the response of the husband and wives April left behind was not right for the format of the reality show. According to InTouch, April’s former sister wives Auralee and Angela shared their “traumatic experience” dealing with April’s departure. During the first week of filming Seeking Sister Wife season 2, April left the Briney home and stopped communicating with any of her former partners. Auralee and Angela cited this experience as “excruciating.” On June 1, 2018, Drew filed for divorce from April.

In January 2019, Drew, Auralee, and Angela made a blog post blaming their exit from Seeking Sister Wife season 2 on April being “mentally unstable.” April responded with her own post, in which she claimed that starring on the reality show was “the beginning of the outward unraveling of our family.” April explained that she followed her husband for years and that she embraced plural marriage, but felt like Drew’s other wives were “trying to hurt” her on Seeking Sister Wife season 1. Since leaving her troubled former family and the reality show, April has been focusing on herself and her children.

In 2021, April lives a relatively low-profile life, free from the drama of her past relationships and reality television career. April is active on social media, specifically Facebook and Instagram. On Instagram, her @aprildawnsunshine Instagram has 2,160 followers and she posts there frequently. April often adds photos and videos of her children. April’s children have embraced dancing, so she’s become a proud dance mom this year. In addition to supporting her children, April has continued to work on her own art. Her @aprildawnart Instagram account has over 1,100 followers and more than 180 posts of April’s paintings. April has not shared her current relationship status, but she remains separated from her former reality television family.

April experienced a trying journey on Seeking Sister Wife but has found a peaceful life in 2021. From arguing with her sister wives to celebrating her children’s dancing skills, April’s life looks much different than it did when audiences were introduced to her in 2018. While it is extremely unlikely that fans will get to see more of April on Seeking Sister Wife, leaving her reality television past behind seemed to be the best thing for her.

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