Seeking Sister Wife: Why Reddit Users Think Garrick Is A Hypocrite

Seeking Sister Wife: Why Reddit Users Think Garrick Is A Hypocrite

Seeking Sister Wife star Garrick Merrifield is being criticized by the show’s fans. They think the reality star doesn’t practice what he preaches.

Garrick Merrifield from Seeking Sister Wife is dedicated to his polygamist and religious lifestyle, but fans on Reddit are calling out Garrick for being a hypocrite. Although Garrick is entitled to lead whatever life he wants, Reddit users and other Seeking Sister Wife fans have noted instances in which the reality television star has seemingly contradicted himself. Garrick, who has rigid religious beliefs and embraces plural marriage, may not practice what he preaches.

Garrick and his wife Dannielle Merrifield starred in Seeking Sister Wife Season 3. Before appearing on the unconventional reality show, Garrick and Dannielle had a traditional marriage for thirteen years. The couple recently started exploring the idea of plural marriages, and Garrick needed to convince his spouse that polygamy was the right path for the future of their relationship. Dannielle was not immediately sold on Garrick’s idea to evolve from monogamy to polygamy. Although she ultimately caved in, Dannielle and Garrick have struggled to maintain their intimacy while seeking a sister wife. Due to Garrick’s dismissive and inconsistent treatment of Dannielle, fans have labeled Garrick one of the worst Seeking Sister Wife villains.

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Although Garrick hasn’t been accused of domestic abuse like Dimitri Snowden, he is one of the series’ least popular stars. Garrick has been accused of hypocrisy by online audiences. Fans think that Garrick’s religious ideals are inconsistent with his actions on Seeking Sister Wife. According to Garrick, his decision to start a polygamous lifestyle arose from his relationship with God. Unlike other polygamists who come from families with plural marriages, neither Garrick nor Dannielle have experience with polygamy. Garrick came to believe that God wanted him to make his marriage plural. He had this revelation when he understood that many biblical figures had multiple wives and “God wasn’t against that.” Dannielle eventually came around to Garrick’s point of view after praying about it on her own. Eventually, Garrick and Dannielle divorced in order to get a marriage visa for their sister wife.

Fans are hesitant to believe that Garrick’s devotion to the Bible is genuine, as he appears to pick and choose which religious values are imperative to live by. According to fans, Garrick’s religious dedication declined when he met his second wife, Roberta. Specifically, fans find it hypocritical that Garrick and Roberta were intimate before getting married. Because Garrick has explained that his pursuit of Roberta is motivated by the Bible, fans expected the Seeking Sister Wife star to abstain from sex until marriage, according to biblical rules. As he had premarital sex with Roberta, Reddit users believe that Garrick is making up his religious values as he goes along. Even Dannielle, who embraced plural marriage due to Garrick’s religious motivation, was shocked to learn of her husband’s sexual timeline with Roberta.

Ultimately, Seeking Sister Wife fans don’t understand Garrick’s religious approach to polygamy. By using Christianity to explain his plural marriage before breaking the Bible’s call for abstinence, viewers found Garrick hypocritical. While Garrick’s religious logic might make sense to him, he should not expect to be understood by the Seeking Sister Wife fanbase.

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