Sexy Beasts: Are Kelechi The Rooster & Martha The Reindeer Still Together?

Sexy Beasts: Are Kelechi The Rooster & Martha The Reindeer Still Together?

Kelechi the Rooster and Martha the Reindeer connected on the wacky Netflix dating show Sexy Beasts. Fans are wondering if they’re still dating.

Episode 6 of Sexy Beasts brought together Martha the Reindeer and Kelechi the Rooster, and fans are clamoring to know if they are still together. While on the hunt to find love, Kelechi went on dates with Lily the Witch, Cassie the Frog, and Martha. After testing the waters with each of the women, Kelechi chose Martha as his sexy beast.

The Netflix dating series tested the lengths to which people will go to find love. Unlike other shows, this series demanded a lengthy makeup process to mask singles’ regular appearances. Sexy Beast’s premise was nightmare-inducing for some fans, who were shocked at the look of the participants. The strangeness of the disguises did alleviate some of the usual pressures that come with dating. For Kelechi and Martha, discussing the absurdity of their respective animal looks is part of what ignited their spark.

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Kelechi and Martha had a natural connection through humor during their second onscreen date. Impeded by the intensive prosthetics they were both wearing, the sniffing part of the wine tasting they went on was a source of constant laughter. After all, it was likely a little difficult to smell the notes of wine while Kelechi’s nose was covered up by a giant rubber beak. Another fun moment viewers enjoyed was when Martha talked about Kelechi’s “dangly bits.” She compared the wattle of Kelechi’s rooster get-up to a gherkin pickle while talking about the London building with the same name. Despite their easy connection, Kelechi is from Knoxville, Tennessee, while Martha is from across the Atlantic Ocean in Southampton, England. It seems as though the distance was too much for the pair to overcome.

Martha & Kelechi on Sexy Beasts

Kelechi and Martha had a fairly tame reveal onscreen in contrast to some of the other Sexy Beasts couples. She only gave him a peck on the cheek – fitting for a rooster – when they first saw each other unmasked. This low-key nature of their time together on the show seemed to lead to their relationship fizzling out after filming ended. Neither Martha nor Kelechi have posted anything about being together on their social media accounts. The distance was almost certainly the main obstacle for the two, as there doesn’t seem to be any ill will between them. They still follow each other and consistently like posts on the other’s Instagram.

Their animal disguises may have not led to a lasting connection, but Martha and Kelechi both seem to be doing quite well after the dating show. Kelechi travels frequently and Martha has grown a sizable TikTok following. Although they have been an ocean apart from each other since Sexy Beasts finished filming, Martha did say on the show that she loves the US. So, for fans who wanted to see a rooster and a reindeer end up together, a reunion may still be possible.

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