Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s Weight Loss Transformation Facts

Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s Weight Loss Transformation Facts

Sister Wives star Christine Brown is feeling confident after committing to a healthy lifestyle. She’s also taking some fashion chances.

Christine Brown from Sister Wives has embraced diet and fitness after years of weight fluctuations, and we’re here to share information about how she lost weight. The reality star is looking very confident in her slimmer body lately. Christine has been trying to live her best life, and fans are following along. They are offering plenty of encouragement and praise.

The third wife had always known that she wanted to be a part of the plural family. She thought she hit the jackpot when she met Kody Brown. However, in the most recent season, she revealed that she was unhappy in her marriage and wanted to move back to Utah. Christine has spent most of her life raising children and putting her needs on the back burner. At the end of Sister Wives season 15, she made it clear to fans (and Kody) that she didn’t want to be in the spiritual union anymore.

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Most recently, Christine, whose Instagram account is @christine_brownsw, took control of her life and showed off her new summer body. While hanging out with sister wife Janelle Brown, who has also tried to lose weight in the past, she flaunted her new look. Wearing a cheetah print dress with red sneakers, she wrote, “I’m not usually an animal print person, but this @lularoe Ariel. I’m obsessed with! And, I found a new backdrop for photos.” Fans immediately started commenting, telling the fan-favorite wife how good she looked. They were giving her the love she so richly deserved. Check out the post below:

For years, Christine has been wanting to slim down. She birthed six children, so it took a while before she could get her body back to how she wanted it to be. She needed to raise her children and also helped with raising the other kids. This left almost no time for her to work on herself. Back in 2019, she started to shed pounds fast, and fans wanted her secret. In an old Instagram post, she shared that she had been eating for her blood type and just working out. According to the TLC personality, there are benefits to eating for your blood type, such as living longer, feeling more energetic, and losing weight.

Even though Christine looks great, followers are not sure where the entire Brown family stands. Many know that Janelle has moved to live on the family’s land, Coyote Pass, in her luxury RV. Meri Brown, Robyn Brown, and Christine have stayed quiet. Christine has yet to move back to Utah and is presumably waiting to make a decision with the entire family. TLC viewers are hoping that the newest Sister Wives season reveals more details.

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