Sister Wives: Why Fans Are Way Too Hard On Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Why Fans Are Way Too Hard On Kody Brown

Kody Brown is perceived as the villain of Sister Wives. While most of the fans’ criticism is warranted, Kody does have to manage a massive family.

Kody Brown is not one of the Sister Wives fanbase’s favorite stars, but some viewers might be taking their distaste for the polygamist reality personality too far. Viewers have their reasons for not liking Kody. Many feel that he neglects his wives and he’s also been accused of never seeing his grandkids. Although Kody is deserving of some criticism, Sister Wives viewers should at least consider giving the Brown family patriarch the benefit of the doubt.

Kody has been starring on reality television for over 10 years, and during that time, he has showcased some of his least popular traits. For example, Kody’s relationship with Meri Brown has illustrated that he can be a bad partner. Sister Wives audiences grew to view Kody as a villain due to his disregard for Meri and her feelings. On the show, Meri revealed that she felt very lonely and ended up getting catfished because she was desperate for affection. Because of how unfortunate the events of her love life have been, it was natural for fans to feel sympathy for Meri and resent Kody. While Meri is deserving of compassion, Kody’s perspective is often overlooked. Fans also get on Kody’s case for much less severe offenses, including his messy hair.

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Although it’s easy to write Kody off as the antagonist of the Sister Wives series, the polygamist reality star doesn’t necessarily deserve the hate that he receives. For instance, although Meri is deserving of the sympathy she has garnered from fans throughout her harrowing journey on reality TV, Kody’s side of the story is often left unheard. Kody has the responsibility of being a husband to four wives. Being married to Meri, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown, it’s difficult for Kody to provide a consistent emotional connection with all four wives at all times. It is therefore understandable that Kody experiences some low points with his wives. While Kody probably shouldn’t have made harsh comments, such as revealing that he regrets marrying Meri, fans seem to forget that Kody is taking on the trying task of balancing a lot of romantic relationships at once.

Kody Brown Sister Wives

Another reason why viewers should be less critical of Kody is the fact that he has proven himself to be a good father. Throughout his four marriages, Kody has fathered eighteen children. Kody’s children range in age from 27-year-old Logan Brown to 5-year-old Ariella Brown. Although Reddit users typically call out Kody’s poor leadership skills, one online discussion was dedicated to the reality star’s success as a father.

Reddit user discussed the highs and lows of Kody’s relationship with his children but ultimately concluded that “those kids love their dad.” Another admitted that Kody can’t be a perfect father to all eighteen of his children but remarked that “He loves his kids and they love him. His shortcomings aren’t intentional.” These fans have been able to branch out from the ordinary Sister Wives perspective and offer Kody some sympathy, as he has the gargantuan task of being a father and husband to a vast family.

Just like any human being, Kody has his good and bad moments. Understandably, fans have treated Kody like a villain for his poor family planning and more. Viewers who do give the Sister Wives star some credit feel that he is putting effort into being the husband and father audiences want him to be.

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