Snooki Responds To Love Island Contestant Using Her Catchphrase

Snooki Responds To Love Island Contestant Using Her Catchphrase

Jersey Shore fans were outraged to hear a Love Island USA contestant using Snooki’s “Party’s Here” catchphrase on the show. Now, Snooki’s weighing in.

In the promo clips for the new season of Love Island, one female contestant was heard using the infamous catchphrase of Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi. Many Jersey Shore fans were not happy about someone other than Nicole using the iconic line. Naturally, Nicole has now also weighed in on the situation on Twitter.

When Jersey Shore first started in 2009, MTV fans were introduced to eight strangers who were ready for a summer of partying. Within the bunch of guidos and guidettes was Nicole, who instantly became a fan-favorite amongst the cast. Not long after the show became a hit, viewers were seen mimicking the hair styles, outfits, and personalities of the cast members. Amongst the phrases adapted from the show was Nicole’s infamous catchphrase, “Party’s Here!” In fact, it was the very first thing Nicole said when she walked into the Shore house for the very first time. The saying stuck and eventually was carried onto the spin-off series as part of Nicole’s intro in the opening credits for each episode.

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After 11 years of Jersey Shore, Nicole still finds herself yelling her infamous “Party’s Here!” catchphrase. Now, however, someone else is trying to take over Nicole’s slogan. Fans who tuned in to watch the American series Love Island USA on CBS noticed something familiar in the commercials. During the premiere of Big Brother on Wednesday night, a Love Island promo clip repeatedly played during commercial breaks. Within the short clip, one of the female cast members was heard energetically saying, “Party’s Here,” similar to how Nicole says it on Jersey Shore.

The fans were initially confused. However, the more the commercial aired, the more outraged they became by the Love Island star essentially stealing Snooki’s catchphrase. One Twitter user wrote, “Some chick on Love Island USA screams ‘party’s here’ and idk why but I’m personally offended @snooki I thought that was your line????” Nicole later quoted the tweet, weighing in on the situation. Nicole wrote, “Im suing.” It is unclear whether Nicole is simply joking or is in fact serious about suing over the use of her catchphrase. However, it is likely that she will not actually take legal action.

While it is unclear whether Nicole was actually offended by the use of her catchphrase, many fans were outraged when they saw the Love Island commercial. In fact, they were actually encouraging Nicole to sue either the show or the female cast member seen in the promo clip. Not only were they upset about the use of her catchphrase, but fans were also bothered that the Love Island contestant attempted to say “Party’s Here” in a similar voice to how Nicole would say it on Jersey Shore.

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Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8pm EST on MTV.

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