Star Wars: The Clone Wars – 4 Endings That Fans Completely Reject (& 6 They Think Were Perfectly In-Character)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – 4 Endings That Fans Completely Reject (& 6 They Think Were Perfectly In-Character)

One of the main reasons for The Clone Wars’ significant popularity within the Star Wars fandom is the catalog of incredible characters throughout its seven seasons, many of whom have amazing arcs. The core cast, alongside a handful of recurring/supporting players, gets endings in the show that work very well both in the show and in the grand scheme of the canon.

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Some characters pop up in the show, though, whose endings are not great. This could be because their story is unfinished and fans have a lot of questions or even because their character simply was not good enough.

10 In Character – 99

Clones surround and hold 99 as he dies after sacrificing himself in The Clone Wars

Undoubtedly one of the best and most emotionally affecting clones in the series is 99, whose wholesome attitude and unwavering love for his brothers is so incredibly admirable. He debuted in season 3, dies in season 3, and is amazing all the same.

99 died during the defense of Kamino, he died trying to help his brothers defeat the Separatists, 99 died a soldier. There was no other way 99 could have wanted to go. He just wanted to help his brothers and be a soldier like the rest of them. Even though he is dead, his legacy lives on in Clone Force 99 and in the memories of clones like Rex.

9 Reject – Ziro The Hutt

Clone Wars Ziro and Republic Troopers

Ziro the Hutt is undoubtedly one of the worst and most annoying characters in The Clone Wars, and not many fans are sad he is dead. However, the manner in which he died and the person who killed him are questionable.

Nobody really needed a story revolving around Sy Snootles, much less a story filled with romance, espionage, and double-crossing. Unfortunately, that is what fans got, and in the end, Snootles murders Ziro after being hired to do so by Ziro’s nephew, the much more beloved Jabba the Hutt.

8 In Character – Yoda

Ahsoka Mace Windu Yoda Ki Adi Mundi Aayla Secura in Clone Wars season 7

For all the issues the Jedi High Council have throughout The Clone Wars, and for how incredibly unlikable many of them are, Yoda always maintained a personality that left him on the good side of fans.

In terms of endings, Yoda has two final appearances in the show. His last outing sees him talk with Ahsoka via hologram, staying behind to ask her if she has anything more to say and even calling her “Padawan.” It was typically sweet and lovely from the Grandmaster. Yoda did have a finishing arc in the show, though, as he closes out season 6 in his journey in the Force, uncovering truths of the Cosmic and Living Force as Qui-Gon and the Force Priestesses guide him. This arc paves the way for Force Spirits in the franchise and ends with Yoda speaking about how nobody wins a war. It is a perfect ending for the character in the series.

7 Reject – Commander Wolffe

Commander Wolffe is one of the many adored clones in Star Wars and one of the longest-lasting in the franchise, too, as he goes on to star in Rebels. However, fans still have no clue how he got there.

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Wolffe is never a major focus in The Clone Wars, although he is in many episodes. In Rebels, though, he appears with Rex and Gregor with no chip and seemingly a lot of backstory. Fans get none of this story in The Clone Wars, which would be okay if other stories involved the leader of Wolfpack, but there are not, he is a mystery.

6 In Character – Satine Kryze

Obi Wan Kenobi holds a dying Duchess Satine in Clone Wars

The Duchess of Mandalore Satine Kryze was a truly excellent addition to The Clone Wars and to the story of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Their relationship was so lovable and so tragic, especially with Satine’s death.

Satine could have survived; however, it is probably more fitting that she dies in an iconic scene at the hands of Maul. Not only does her character get given a great ending, but her death adds more layers to the Maul and Obi-Wan rivalry, as well as to the Obi-Wan character in general. It is one of the show’s most heartbreaking scenes.

5 Reject – Jar Jar Binks

Two of the very worst Clone Wars episodes come in season 6 in both parts of “The Disappeared,” which see Jar Jar Binks and Mace Windu on a mission to Bardotta to investigate mysterious disappearances.

In the episodes, Jar Jar’s final appearances on the show, he and Windu investigate the disappearances of the Dayogan Masters. Jar Jar forms a romance with Queen Julia and then later has to track her down too. The whole arc ends with a wild fight with Mother Talzin, and all in all, it is pretty terrible. There are some who like Jar Jar in the show, but this is unquestionably one of the worst character endings in the series in terms of quality.

4 In Character – Anakin Skywalker

Anakin Skywalker’s journey in Star Wars was made so much better by The Clone Wars. Not only was his relationship with Padmé improved and his fall to the dark side likewise, but Ahsoka added so much to his character arc.

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Anakin’s ending is picture-perfect. It is quite simply a goodbye to Ahsoka as he runs off to save the Chancellor at the start of Revenge of the Sith, the exact thing Ahsoka says he does in Rebels when talking about their last meeting. That final look shared between them is so painful for fans who know how the story turns out.

3 Reject – Barriss Offee

Barriss Offee actually has a pretty great final appearance in The Clone Wars as she is arrested for her role in bombing the Jedi Temple and framing Ahsoka. However, she did not die, and so fans are left with so many questions surrounding her.

Most believe she is an Inquisitor, however, she has yet to appear in canon after The Clone Wars, so nobody knows. There is so much potential for the character, and it undoubtedly frustrates fans that there is no answer to any of their questions. As soon as Offee does resurface, her ending in the show will probably be perfect, but as of now, it is brilliant quality-wise but leaves fans frustrated.

2 In Character – Captain Rex

Fans knew he survived the show since he appeared in Rebels, but in season 7, they were desperate to know how his story would end and tie into the next show. Luckily it was perfect.

In the Siege of Mandalore arc, Rex succumbs to his inhibitor chip, and eventually, Ahsoka captures him and removes the chip herself. From there, Rex accompanies Ahsoka in their survival mission. Rex has many emotional, powerful moments in the arc, even being reduced to tears. His story in the canon is far from over, but in terms of The Clone Wars, Rex being by Ahsoka’s side, his closest friend left, burying his brothers, surviving but hurting, it was immaculate.

1 In Character – Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka with Clone Graves in The Clone Wars season 7 finale

There is not a Star Wars character quite like Ahsoka Tano. She seems to bring magic wherever she pops up and is one of the best parts of The Clone Wars. Knowing she survives the events of the series does not make her ending any less heartbreaking or perfectly executed.

Her ending is the same as Rex’s. She saves Mandalore, captures Maul, saves Rex, fights her way off the Venator, and eventually buries the bodies of dozens upon dozens of clones alongside her friend. Ahsoka also fakes her own death, dropping the lightsaber given to her by Anakin. Watching it is an emotional ordeal. It was the best way to close out her story in the show, as she sets off to help the Galaxy and provide hope from the shadows.

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