Stephen Amell Addresses Reports He Was Removed From Plane After Argument With Wife

Stephen Amell Addresses Reports He Was Removed From Plane After Argument With Wife

Stephen Amell addresses his removal from a plane following an argument with his wife and says claims that he was “forcibly” removed are untrue.

Former Arrow star, Stephen Amell, has addressed reports that he was forcibly removed from a plane after an altercation with his wife. Amell is a Canadian actor best known for portraying Oliver Queen (a.ka. Green Arrow) on CW’s Arrow. Amell portrayed Queen for all eight seasons of Arrow before leaving the role in 2020 to pursue new projects.

Amell’s post-Arrow career initially hit a bump when the Covid-19 pandemic occurred, causing Amell to consider a 9th Arrow season while quarantined in Canada and desperate for work. Fortunately, he got through quarantine and found additional projects to work on. Amell recently starred in and produced the sci-fi film, Code 8, alongside his cousin, Robbie Amell. Both Amells will return for Code 8 Part 2 which is currently in the works. Amell will also star in the upcoming wrestling drama, Heels, which is set to premiere on Starz in August. In addition to new projects, Amell departed Arrow to spend more time with his family in the United States. He and his wife, Cassandra Jean Amell, even worked together on a short film recently, Speech & Debate, which is why rumors of an altercation between the two surprised fans.

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Amell has spoken out regarding claims that he was forcibly removed from a plane following an altercation with his wife. According to Amell, the reports may have exaggerated the seriousness of the matter. Amell took to Twitter to confirm that he was asked to leave a flight after arguing with his wife. However, he stated that reports that he was “forcibly” removed from the plane are untrue. Check out his tweet below:

Amell’s statement came after multiple reports emerged online of the Code 8 star being forcibly removed from the plane. Some reports claimed Amell was escorted from the airplane by multiple people, including an air marshal, and suggested that alcohol was involved in the incident. Other reports described him as “screaming at” or “berating his wife in a verbal altercation,” though Amell described it simply as an argument. While he admits to raising his voice and letting his emotions get the best of him, he maintains he complied immediately with instructions to leave. A spokesperson for Delta only vaguely relayed the incident, merely stating that an unruly customer was deplaned prior to departure, with no mention of alcohol or suggestion that Amell had to be physically removed.

It is not uncommon for incidents involving celebrities to be exaggerated or fabricated. Of course, it is not always intentional, as many individuals simply perceive events differently than they might have been occurred or use words that might have different connotations for different individuals. However, the former Arrow actor does have multiple upcoming projects that he is the face of, which makes it very important for him to clear up rumors that might cast him in a negative light. In this case, some of these stories could give the impression that Amell was uncooperative with authorities or that he is a bad husband. Fortunately, there is little to contradict Amell’s version of events, and it seems to be a simple human mistake rather than a serious incident indicative of his character. Hopefully, this will clear up any rumors surrounding the incident and grant him and his wife some privacy as they work through the issue.

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