Suicide Squad Clip Shows New Footage of King Shark to Celebrate Shark Week

Suicide Squad Clip Shows New Footage of King Shark to Celebrate Shark Week

To celebrate Discovery’s Shark Week, The Suicide Squad has a new TV spot that shows new footage of Sylvester Stallone’s King Shark in the DC film.

A brand new The Suicide Squad teaser spotlights King Shark, as it shows new footage of the character to celebrate Shark Week. The reboot and ever so soft sequel of the 2016 Suicide Squad will seemingly be exactly what Warner Bros. ordered, a “Suicide Squad from the mind of James Gunn.” Not only will Gunn’s film not be tied down by the constraints of a shared universe, but it will be rated-R, full of humor, and also include a host of new characters. Alongside returning faces like Harley Quinn, Amanda Waller, and Rick Flag, Task Force X will feature Peacemaker, Bloodsport, and the already popular King Shark (Sylvester Stallone).

The film will see King Shark and the rest of Task Force X set out on a dangerous mission to the fictional island of Corto Maltese, and there they have to destroy a Nazi-era prison and lab. The Suicide Squad marks the first big-screen appearance for King Shark, a character that first appeared on the comic book pages in 1994, and ever since the first trailer highlighted the character’s lust for human flesh, as well as his comical side, he’s been a hit with fans. King Shark is seemingly occupying the Groot role in Suicide Squad, despite being a much more violent character. Now, as Gunn’s DC film edges closer to its August 6 release, more teasers are dropping and revealing more about certain characters, with the latest one giving fans more of King Shark or Nanaue.

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To latch onto Discovery’s Shark Week, which is a week where the channel airs programs dedicated to sharks, the official Twitter page for The Suicide Squad dropped a new and entertaining TV spot focusing on King Shark. It opens with a comical narration that highlights how humanity was wrong when thinking it has uncovered all there is to know about Sharks before revealing snippets of Amanda Waller calling King Shark, Nanaue, his name from the comic books. She also explains how he’s “a descendant of an ancient shark god,” and the TV spot offers plenty of entertainment value, as Nanaue claims to be smart while also giving a tentative “No?” when asked by Ratcatcher (who he tries to eat) if he would eat his friends? Full clip can be seen below:

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Although Gunn has tinkered with King Shark’s appearance, as he opted against his hammerhead shark look, some fans may happy to see he’s stuck with the DC villain’s most common back-story of being a descendant of a shark god. The TV spot also provides a fun look at King Shark’s dynamic with different members of Task Force X, specifically Ratcatcher, who says he has very kind eyes. It’ll be interesting to see if King Shark and Ratcatcher form some sort of friendship, post-King Shark attempting to eat her, or if the relationship will worsen because they are villains after all. However, it does appear the difficult process to create The Suicide Squad’s shark is paying off for Gunn, as the fish seems to add great entertainment value to the film, whether it’s through comedy or brutally ripping a body in half.

Using Shark Week as a tool to help promote The Suicide Squad is a clever move from Warner Bros., and it also plays into the quirky humor that this and all Gunn films have. Thus far, critics seem to approve of The Suicide Squad, but come August 6, it will become a lot clearer if the film is a winner or not.

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Source: The Suicide Squad/Twitter

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