Suicide Squad is Recruiting Villains Fans Will Never See in the Movies

Suicide Squad is Recruiting Villains Fans Will Never See in the Movies

In the latest issue of Suicide Squad, it’s revealed that Amanda Waller is looking for new recruits across the Multiverse that films likely won’t have.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Suicide Squad #5

In the latest issue of DC Comics’ Suicide Squad, Task Force X is recruiting villains that will most likely never be seen in the films. While Director Amanda Waller may have a full team currently, it seems as though she’s already on the hunt to expand her team. However, it also looks like she’s expanded her horizons beyond her own Earth, looking across the multiverse for all sorts of new assets to be forcibly taken and inducted into the ranks of the Suicide Squad.

In prior issues of Suicide Squad from Robbie Thompson, Julio Ferreira, Eduardo Pansica, Joe Prado, Dexter Soy, and Alex Sinclair, Amanda Waller has had dark plans in the works beyond her normal darkness of having villains work for her upon threat of death via bombs in their necks. Apparently, Waller has been building towards the creation of an eventual Task Force Z and kidnappings across the multiverse. While she apparently has approval from the White House to do so, her traditional field commander Rick Flag was vehemently opposed, which lead to his imprisonment.

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Now, Suicide Squad #5 reveals that Waller has chosen Bloodsport to serve as her multiversal scout, taking various villains she deems worthy to be a part of her future Task Force. However, while Bloodsport is doing recon and Peacemaker is her new field commander for the current Suicide Squad (both of whom are in James Gunn’s upcoming The Suicide Squad film), bringing in villains from other worlds seems like a concept that’s a little too out there for the DCEU films to attempt.


For example, this new issue sees Bloodsport going after Black Siren on Earth-3, being a dark counterpart to Earth-0’s Black Canary. While it would certainly be cool to see actress Jurnee Smollett’s return to play a dark version of her character from Birds of Prey, it does seem like it would take a lot of set-up and exposition that’s best saved for a film like The Flash rather than a more grounded movie like The Suicide Squad or any potential sequels. That being said, trailers have indicated that the live-action Task Force X will be fighting Starro the giant cosmic starfish, so perhaps anything is possible.

In any case, having Bloodsport traveling across various Earths in the comics to kidnap assets for the Suicide Squad is a pretty interesting concept, and it’s going to be interesting to see where it all leads. While the recent Future State event has implied that Waller will soon abandon her current squad in favor of forming her new Task Force Z and a potential Justice League, any number of things could change to deviate from that depicted future. Case in point, the issue did end with Bloodsport facing down and losing to Ultraman, Earth-3’s dark Superman who now has his sights set on Waller so he can get more kryptonite. Here’s hoping the Suicide Squad is up for the challenge when he eventually attacks, perhaps with his allies in the Crime Syndicate as well.

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