Suicide Squad Reveals the Happy Ending Bloodsport Will Never Get

Suicide Squad Reveals the Happy Ending Bloodsport Will Never Get

Bloodsport is a character born in tragedy, but during a mission on Earth-3, he sees his alternate self, one that got the happy ending he never will.

Spoilers for Suicide Squad 5 ahead!

In the latest issue of Suicide Squad, Bloodsport travels to Earth-3 and sees his counterpart there get the happy ending he never will. Bloodsport will make his big-screen debut later this year in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, played by Idris Elba. Like other members of Suicide Squad, Bloodsport has a dark and tragic past—just not on the topsy turvy Earth-3.

There have been several characters who have used the name Bloodsport, with the most notable is Robert DuBois. Created by John Byrne and Karl Kesel, Bloodsport first appeared in 1987’s Superman #4. In the comics, Bloodsport was a draft dodger from the Vietnam War era who was driven insane after his brother was severely injured in the conflict. He was hired by Lex Luthor to kill Superman but killed many innocents instead. While the character has languished in obscurity, he will make the leap to theaters this August in The Suicide Squad, despite having no previous affiliation with the team. Now, however, Bloodsport has been recruited to the team in the comics and on his first mission, he has a vision of himself, happy and content.

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Amanda Waller, the director of Suicide Squad, has begun making her moves to take over Earth-3 and seal it off from the rest of the multiverse. In Suicide Squad #5 from Robbie Thompson, Dexter Soy, Eduardo Pansica, Julio Ferreria, Joe Prado, Alex Sinclair, and Wes Abbott, Waller recruits Bloodsport and sends him there to run reconnaissance on its meta-human population. Bloodsport is fascinated by the superpowered population of Earth-3, and how they are dark mirrors of the Justice League. He decides to check on his self in this world, and what he finds surprises him. On Earth-3, Robert DuBois never became Bloodsport, but a teacher instead; his brother became a doctor with a family of his own. After seeing this, Bloodsport concludes that Earth-3 may not be a bad place after all.

Earth-3 is a dark reflection of the mainline DC Universe, a world where the concepts of honor and heroism are turned on their heads. On that world, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are villains, and Lex Luthor is the only good guy. Given this, it makes sense that Bloodsport, whose life has been one of tragedy and loss, would be doing well on this world. Amanda Waller is becoming more obsessed with taking over Earth-3, but now that Bloodsport knows he got a happy ending there, how might his attitude towards Waller’s mission change? Will he turn on her, even knowing that doing so is risking certain death?

Audiences are getting their introduction to Bloodsport soon with the upcoming Suicide Squad film, but in the comics, he has traveled to an alternate world and saw a version of himself get the happy ending he himself will never get.

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