Suicide Squad Script Leaks Confirmed by Director David Ayer

Suicide Squad Script Leaks Confirmed by Director David Ayer

Director David Ayer confirms that leaked pages of Suicide Squad’s script are legitimate, raising further interest in the release of the Ayer cut.

David Ayer has confirmed that several original Suicide Squad script leaks that appeared on Twitter are legitimate. The campaign to release Ayer’s director’s cut of the 2016 Suicide Squad has been gaining traction in recent months. It first began when Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League was released in 2021 and was a very different and very improved version of the Warner Bros. 2017 Justice League. This sparked renewed interest in the director’s cut of Suicide Squad. The final product of the 2016 film drastically missed the mark and was panned by fans and critics. Suicide Squad was also changed and reshaped by the studio, raising curiosity for what Ayer’s original cut looks like.

Ayer himself has been supportive of the release of the director’s cut of Suicide Squad, explaining that the final product was altered quite a bit to adhere to a lighter tone. Meanwhile, James Gunn’s R-rated sequel/reboot film The Suicide Squad has further increased the interest in Ayer’s cut. However, Warner Bros. has expressed no desire to release Ayer’s cut, leading to Ayer’s emotional decision to cease from publicly discussing his director’s cut further. However, that hasn’t stopped his supporters from continuing to campaign for the release of the Ayer cut.

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Ayer confirmed on Twitter that leaks of his Suicide Squad script that appeared on @RTAyerCutSS’s account were legit. As the campaign spurred the hashtag #ReleaseTheAyerCut on Twitter, several snippets of Ayer’s script appeared on the platform, depicting scenes cut from the final film. Among one was a scene of Deadshot (Will Smith) and Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) sharing a kiss. Ayer addressed the leaks with a brief tweet, confirming that all of the pages were legitimate and were filmed. Check out his tweet below:

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In addition to the Deadshot and Harley Quinn kiss, other pages revealed that in Ayer’s version, Diablo lives, the Joker has much darker scenes, and the humor is edgier. Most users responded enthusiastically to the noticeably darker tone of the scenes. It is unclear how the account got access to those pages, but Ayer himself has confirmed the leak. Not only did he confirm the script, but he also sadly confirmed that all of the scenes were filmed before being cut. The leak and the ensuing support illustrate that Ayer’s decision not to speak publicly about his work is far from the end of the campaign to release Ayer’s Suicide Squad cut. These leaks illustrate how production-ready Ayer’s cut is and how it differentiates from the original.

Overall, the push to release Ayer’s cut is still gaining momentum. Whether the pressure will prove effective in developing Ayer’s cut is unknown, but it is certainly succeeding in offering support to Ayer. It is quite an emotional topic, knowing that Ayer put his heart into the film only to see it reworked into something else entirely. While Warner Bros. has remained stoic, fans and colleagues alike have continuously spoken out to support his work. Suicide Squad’s Jay Hernandez is one, among many, who offered support for Ayer and even expressed his own dissatisfaction with the studio’s cut. Meanwhile, the leaks confirm that there was a darker, edgier side to Ayer’s Suicide Squad that may have suited itself well to the film’s premise. As the support continues, it validates Ayer’s work and his vision and adds more fuel to the fight to release the Ayer cut.

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Source: David Ayer@RTAyerCutSS

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