Superman Could Have Made The World Perfect By Betraying Batman

Superman Could Have Made The World Perfect By Betraying Batman

Batman/Superman #19 reveals that Superman could live in a Utopia, only if he betrays Batman and lets his world plunge into eternal doom!

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Batman/Superman #19!

In Batman/Superman #19, the villainous offers Superman a deal that would let him live in the perfect world. However, Superman must betray Batman to live in the Utopia of Metropolis. This issue continues’s reign over the World of Tomorrow’s Superman and the World of the Knight’s Batman, along with their Earth-0 counterparts. Both heroes come face to face with as he realizes that his creations have somehow escaped their stories. His maniacal control over the fictionalized worlds he has created is seen best in this issue as he is forced to go into one in order to survive.

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In the previous issue, the Dr. Atom version of Lex Luthor was introduced. His world was destroyed long ago, but he managed to escape. Since then, he has been working on creating the perfect world, in order to defeat Here, he comes face to face with, who is shocked and furious that he escaped his world’s destruction. He is also mad because Lex has been trying to achieve the goals that his supposed master,, has been attempting to create.

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In Batman/Superman #19 by Gene Luen Yang, Emanuela Lupacchino, Darick Robertson, Kyle Hotz, Steve Lieber, and Sabine Rich, Superman is offered to take part in creating the perfect world.’s offer is made possible by Lex’s plans. It gives the villain an idea of how to not only control Superman and Batman, but also create the ideal utopia. Naturally, Superman declines the villain’s offer and continues to try to put a stop to However, it must be noted that Superman is capable of living in this world and if Superman accepted his proposal, his and everyone else’s lives would be a dream.

Lex Luthor details his secret trading scheme to make the World of Tomorrow into a Utopia, which wants to continue onwards. It entails experimenting on Batman’s World of the Knight, using it as a test lab to see what would make Superman’s world greater, leaving all the non-perfect creations in Batman’s world and rendering it a “gutter.” That’s why the World of the Knight has such a different tone than Superman’s, as Lex had been working between both worlds already. For instance, Lois Lane as the Spider Lady is more than likely part of his experiment. She was probably created and failed to live up to Lex’s expectations, forcing him to create a better version, as seen in the World of Tomorrow’s Lois.

Obviously, Superman doesn’t accept’s proposal. To accept such an offer goes against all of Superman’s core principles. By creating a utopia, he would be forcing Batman’s world into further darkness as everything that’s bad ends up there. Essentially, the World of the Knight would be doomed. On the other hand, Batman would never be offered the same deal as Superman due to his life being so full of doom and gloom. He would lose his way of life if he were to live in a Utopia. However, Superman’s deal is more bright and optimistic, therefore,’s decision to ask Superman makes a lot of sense. Batman/Superman #19 is available in comic book stores and on digital platforms now.

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