Superman Just Admitted Black Adam Could Become the Better Hero

Superman Just Admitted Black Adam Could Become the Better Hero

In Justice League #63, Superman officially recruits Black Adam to the team, admitting that he could be a better hero than even the Man of Steel.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Justice League #63!

In Justice League #63, Superman just offered Black Adam membership to the team while also admitting that he believes Black Adam could be a greater hero than even himself. Since Infinite Frontier began, Black Adam has been seen aiding the Justice League on their missions. Superman’s decision to keep him around was quite controversial at first, with many heroes disliking having an ex-villain on the team. However, Black Adam has shown his heroics over the course of the last few months’ issues. This is where Superman’s proposal comes in.

Just before their meeting in the sky above the Hall of Justice, Black Adam tried to save Superman from Brutus on their latest mission. However, with Naomi’s planet messing with their powers, Brutus gets the upper hand and takes them both down. Not long after this, Hippolyta storms in and brutally put Brutus out of action. The Justice League is forced to retreat as Brutus’ master, Zumbado, makes his first appearance. He is incredibly powerful and it’s obvious that the league will never win against him while on Naomi’s planet. They portal back to Earth and it’s here where Superman approaches Black Adam with his proposal.

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In Justice League #63 by Brian Michael Bendis, David Marquez, and Ivan Plascencia, Black Adam becomes a Justice League member. Black Adam’s first thought is that Superman is trying to make him a new version of himself. However, that isn’t what Superman is getting at. Superman’s point is that he believes Black Adam could be a greater hero than him. If he sets his mind to it, like he’s been doing recently, Black Adam could be the hero that all other heroes look up to. Essentially, he’s saying that Black Adam would be a new and improved Superman.

Superman states that Black Adam is, “one of the great powers of this generation or any other generation.” He knows what having another all-powerful superhero could mean to the world and for the Justice League. Using his powers, it’s possible that Black Adam could surpass Superman as a hero as he continues to protect Earth against those who threaten it. Although it may be a long way off, it’s clear that Black Adam could be one of DC’s greatest superheroes.

Additionally, it’s amazing to see that Superman has such faith in Black Adam, as they were once enemies. The first time that Black Adam resurfaced on Earth as he fought against Brutus, Superman instantly assumed that he was there to cause trouble. But as the issues have shown, a newfound trust has built between Superman and Black Adam. This is the culmination of Black Adam’s test of heroics, he is now ready to become a fully-fledged superhero.

Superman doesn’t want Black Adam to be like him, he knows that they are different. But Superman recognizes that they hold a similar level of power. Therefore, Superman attempts to set in motion a new path that will lead Black Adam down a similar route as his. Black Adam accepts all that Superman says to him, promising that he will do better. This marks another huge shift for Black Adam, perhaps cementing a new legacy in DC Comics. Justice League #63 is available now.

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