Survivor: Host Jeff Probst Hints at a ‘Monster’ of a New Season

Survivor: Host Jeff Probst Hints at a ‘Monster’ of a New Season

After a year off due to the pandemic, Jeff Probst says that Survivor season 41 “is like a monster in a horror movie,” giving hype to longtime fans.

On his Twitter account, Survivor host Jeff Probst discussed the much-anticipated premiere of season 41 of the grand-daddy of reality TV shows, and teased that the new season, premiering on CBS on Wednesday, Sept. 22. He hinted that it is going to be so different than any previous Survivor that it should be considered Survivor 2.0 and the dawn of a new era.

Probst discussed how the pandemic gave Survivor a year off and “time to think, which was a dangerous thing and led them to create a game that is much more dangerous.” He went on to suggest that for season 41 – “drop the ‘4’ and keep the ‘1,’ because this is a brand-new game.” Ultimately, he warns that this new season “is like a Monster in a horror movie and if you’re a player, it is coming for you!

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Probst continued by making his ambitions for this new season crystal clear, stating that “either you devour the monster, or the monster will devour you.” He ended by re-iterating that with the two-hour premiere, Wednesday night is Survivor night and that he is thrilled to be back.

Since its inception in 2000, Jeff Probst has been the only host of Survivor and has been known for his hyperbole since the very start. As executive co-producer with uber-producer of reality TV Mark Burnett, Probst has guided the Survivor through many incarnations and has never been at a lack for words to promote the show.

The tribe has spoken. It’s time for you to go,” is just one of his signature catch-phrases from the show, said to losing contestants. Yet Jeff was frank in his disclosure that the pandemic forced Survivor to take a year off, which not only affected the show but the entire business of entertainment. For the past twenty-one years, Survivor has been a consistent ratings performer for CBS, so there is a lot at stake here in the new season. Clearly, that weighs heavily on the minds of the producers, Jeff included.

But just as we all are eager for a return to normalcy, Jeff taps into that yearning, throwing down the challenge to fans that all that pent-up energy from the time off gets released in the decisively different and “dangerous” new season of Survivor. It will be up to fans to decide if season 41 lives up to Jeff Probst’s raves.

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