Take-Two Addresses GTA Mod Takedowns

Take-Two Addresses GTA Mod Takedowns

Rockstar Games’ parent company, Take-Two Interactive, has addressed the ongoing concerns following the company’s aggressive takedowns of GTA mods.

Rockstar Games’ parent company, Take-Two Interactive, has addressed the controversy surrounding the takedown of Grand Theft Auto mods. Grand Theft Auto is already known for being a series that offers extensive freedom to players, allowing them to live out all sorts of criminal fantasies. That said, the modding community has always taken it many steps further, allowing for much more creative content that would otherwise not be possible in the game.

It’s always been a massive highlight for fans of the series, particularly those who play on PC, but it seems it may be coming to an end. Take-Two has been aggressively taking down GTA mods over the last several weeks, resulting in an uproar from the community. The company also did this in 2017, but the backlash was so strong, Take-Two backed down. It seems for some reason, Take-Two has changed its mind on that approach and has returned to its policy of taking down mods.

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In an earnings call, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick addressed (via Twitter user videotech_) the matter in response to a question from an investor. Zelnick defended the decision and noted it would be “flexible” with takedowns. Some have speculated that the takedowns, particularly of mods for older titles, could be related to the heavily rumored remaster of the GTA PS2 trilogy. Although Take-Two has taken down some mods used to cheat in GTA, it seems more harm than good has actually come from this. Many of the mods that were taken down do not appear to enable cheaters.

GTA Iron Man Mod

Zelnick’s defense and appeal to Take-Two’s flexibility seem to downplay the actual impact of what is happening. Many of the mods being taken down do not seem to be impacting “the economy” around the games. Grand Theft Auto V is still flying off the shelves as Take-Two reported the game has sold 150 million copies to date. In some instances, it may be helping boost sales of the game. GTA RP is more popular than GTA V itself on Steam, but a regular copy of the game is needed to play.

Perhaps this is taking players away from buying things like microtransactions, but at the same time, Take-Two has not issued a takedown against FiveM, the service that provides GTA RP and other mods. It’s unclear how much more aggressive Take-Two plans to get regarding these takedowns, as the future of the modding scene in Grand Theft Auto still seems to remain in question at this time.

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Source: videotech_/Twitter

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