Thanos’ Father Returns to Marvel Comics in Stunning New Variant Cover

Thanos’ Father Returns to Marvel Comics in Stunning New Variant Cover

Thanos’ father Mentor returns in a stunning new variant cover by Dustin Weaver for the upcoming Eternals: Thanos Rises by Marvel Comics.

Warning! Spoilers for Eternals: Thanos Rises #1 by Marvel Comics

In a brand new variant cover by Dustin Weaver, Thanos’ father Mentor returns to Marvel Comics in the upcoming Eternals: Thanos Rises. In the stunning image, the Mad Titan watches over the Eternals, Mentor, and his mother Sui-San, as Thanos’ entire history stands before him. The one-shot will explore Thanos’ origin and his family, which has been absent from the comics for some time.

Earlier this month, Marvel Comics announced Eternals: Thanos Rises, a new one-shot from Kieron Gillen, Dustin Weaver, and Esad Ribic, which will follow the events that led to Thanos’ birth. Gillen previously teased the issue will be “epic” and feature a Civil War that broke out between the powerful ancient race before he was born. The series will also star Thanos’ parents Mentor and Sui-San, who have a checkered history with their son. Famously, Sui-San tried to kill Thanos after giving birth when she found out he was born as a monster with the Deviant gene, and Mentor soon gave up on his son and later created Drax the Destroyer to kill him.

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On Wednesday, artist Dustin Weaver shared his gorgeous variant for Eternals: Thanos Rises #1which features a cosmic-sized Thanos looking over his entire history and family. The Civil War Gillen had previously mentioned is seemingly teased on the cover as a group of Eternals are riding mechanical dinosaurs. It looks absolutely nuts in the best way imaginable.

Thanos Marvel Comics Mentor

Mentor and Sui-San’s return is exciting for fans who want to see more of Thanos’ backstory. Eternals: Thanos Rises #1 will continue Gillen, Ribic, and the creative team’s trend of building on Thanos’ and the Eternals’ history in surprising and fresh ways. After revealing Thanos’ “brutal” new origin story, the next arc of the Eternals will showcase the Mad Titan and the Eternals’ ongoing battle. Gillen suggested that Thanos might not even be the worst member of his own family. Will readers meet that person in Eternals: Thanos Rises #1, or is Mentor, Sui-San, or Starfox even worse than previously believed?

It’s never been a better time to be a fan of the Eternals. The current ongoing series has redefined what it means to be Eternal and taken the cosmic heroes into unexpectedly dark territory. With Eternals: Thanos Rises #1, things aren’t about to get any rosier, as readers will find out even more about the Eternals, their darker-than-thought history, and how Thanos’ father Mentor connects to all of it. Eternals: Thanos Rises is in comic book stores next month.

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