That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime: Main Characters, Ranked By Intelligence

That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime: Main Characters, Ranked By Intelligence

In That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, Rimuru embarks on a quest to create a nation where monsters like him can live in safety and comfort. Over the course of the series, he attracts many capable allies who help him establish his nation of monsters, the Jura Tempest Federation.

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From scientists to diplomats, there are many capable characters in Rimuru’s circle of acquaintances. While most of his followers and allies are quite intelligent, there are an elite few who have distinguished themselves as the brightest of the bunch.

10 Vesta Is A Capable Scientist

Vesta looking haughty

Prior to relocating to Tempest, Vesta served as the head of Dwargo’s engineering corps, a position he assumed after the resignation of its former head, Kaijin. While he is initially antagonistic to Rimuru and Kaijin, over the course of the series he becomes a valuable asset.

Rimuru Tempest wisely recognizes Vesta’s skill and installs his laboratory in the Sealed Cave, tasking him with creating healing potions. With the help of Gabiru, he refines Tempest’s potion-making process to mass-produce healing potions quickly and efficiently. He is a gifted scientist and well-deserving of his position as the lead researcher of Tempest.

9 Kaijin Is A Master Engineer

Kaijin crafting weapons

Before he resigned in disgrace, Kaijin served as the head of Dwargo’s engineering corps, a position that he earned due to his skill and leadership abilities. After he is exiled from Dwargo, he brings his skills to Tempest and serves as the chief architect of Tempest and one of its greatest engineers.

Kaijin is skilled in many forms of craftwork. He is a master blacksmith, and under his direction, Tempest becomes a fully modern city with hot running water, electricity, and beautifully constructed homes. The city itself is a testament to his skill.

8 Hakurou Is Perceptive And An Experienced Mentor

Hakurou defeats his students

Out of all his brethren, Hakurou is the most perceptive of the Kijin. When he first meets Rimuru, he is the only one who perceives Rimuru’s true strength and understands that the Ogres are no match for the slime. Later, he prevents Geld from wandering into Razen’s magical trap, further highlighting his perceptive abilities.

Hakurou’s skill in perception speaks to his ability to categorize and measure complex information very quickly. However, he is cognitive abilities don’t stop there, as he is also very experienced in statecraft and a capable teacher. This combination of skills makes him one of Rimuru’s most trusted and valuable advisers, and one of the most powerful characters in the show.

7 Hinata Sakaguchi Is A Cunning Warrior

Hinata Sakaguchi and Dead End Rainbow

Although she has only made a brief appearance in the anime so far, it’s already clear that Hinata Sakaguchi is a capable and cunning warrior. In her battle against Rimuru, she lays a brilliant trap that saps Rimuru of much of his strength. This is the first fight where Rimuru comes dangerously close to dying, which a testament to her foresight and strength.

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Additionally, as the current leader of the Western Holy Church’s Ten Great Saints, Hinata certainly possesses excellent leadership skills. Her position as one of the church’s most trusted and powerful knights points to her ability with not only the sword, but with politics.

6 Gazel Dwargo Is A Wise And Fair King

Gazel Dwargo looking regal

The king of the Armed Nation of Dwargon, Gazel Dwargo is Rimuru’s most trusted and capable political ally. He is regarded as a wise and fair king, as evinced by his just rule and Dwargon’s political, trade, and military power.

Gazel demonstrates his political acumen by his quick realization of Rimuru’s potential and the importance of establishing good relations with Tempest. His skill in diplomacy shines through in the way in which he mediates the dispute between Vesta and Kaijin, as his decision to entrust them to Tempest ensures Dwargon gains a valuable trade and military ally. In his role as the elder statesman, he coaches his junior ruler on the finer points of statecraft, further solidifying his ties with Rimuru and highlighting his wisdom.

5 Milim Nava Is Deceptively Bright

Milim smiling with joy

While Milim acts like a bored child, in reality she is an exceptionally intelligent and devious creature. Although it appears to lack purpose, her erratic behavior serves a dual purpose of both satisfying her need for stimulation and as a facade that keeps her enemies and allies off-balance, which gives her an upper hand in most situations.

As one of the oldest True Demon Lords, Milim possesses years of experience in statecraft and combat. Despite her distaste for politics, she is no fool and frequently makes calculated moves to give her the advantage in negotiations and battle. When she challenges Carrion to a duel, she makes sure to give his people plenty of time to evacuate the country so as to not inflict too much collateral damage, which serves to also strip Carrion of his most powerful and trusted allies.

4 Rimuru Is Growing Into A Brilliant Ruler And Diplomat

Rimuru looking to the sky

Over the course of the series, Rimuru grows from a hard-working but naive slime monster to the leader of a rich and powerful nation. Even ignoring his Great Sage Skill, Rimuru is still one of the most powerful and intelligent characters in the show, and he is slowly honing his statecraft and diplomacy skills.

He is very enterprising and manages to create profitable trade deals with Dwargon and other surrounding nations. Rimuru is also a gifted strategist, which he demonstrated in his effective counterattack against the army of the Kingdom of Falmuth. Rimuru still has much to learn, but with his skills and allies, he could easily become the wisest character in the series.

3 Veldora Tempest Is An Ancient Dragon With Unfathomable Knowledge

Veldora before being consumed by Rimuru

Veldora is one of the oldest and most powerful beings in the world. Although he was sealed away by a Hero in the past, he is still incredibly cunning and possesses knowledge about history, magic, and nature that is beyond the understanding of most creatures.

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Despite his long imprisonment, Veldora displays a sharp wit in his brief conversations with Rimuru. Clearly, being trapped in a dungeon did nothing to dampen his intellect, and it may even have made him more patient and calculating. While he has only just reappeared in the anime, it’s certain that he’ll play a larger role in the story going forward.

2 Diablo Is A Demon Primordial Who Has Spent Eons Studying The World And Magic

Diablo summoned by Rimuru

Diablo is introduced near the end of the first part of season 2, so fans of the anime have yet to learn about his capabilities. However, based upon his brief appearance, it’s obvious that Diablo is now Rimuru’s most powerful and brilliant subordinate.

In his impressive fight against Razen (one of the best fights of the series), Diablo demonstrates a comprehension of magical techniques that rivals the abilities of a Demon Lord. As a Primordial Demon, he has existed since the beginning of time, and over those thousands of years, he is certain to have acquired vast amounts of knowledge. Fans can look forward to seeing more of him as the series progresses.

1 Yuuki Kagurazaka Is A Natural Genius

Yuuki Kagurazaka meets Rimuru

Like Rimuru, Yuuki is an Otherworlder from Japan who is randomly transported to this new world. Despite his young age, he might be the most intelligent characters in the series. He is a natural genius who has risen to a position of great power thanks to his cunning and skill.

Shortly after arriving in the new world, Yuuki meets up with Shizue Izawa. Under her mentorship, he learns about the language and politics of his new home and sets about designing ways to make it fairer. He establishes the Free Guild and comes up with a new system for classifying monsters that leads to far fewer deaths. Through his efforts, he stabilizes whole regions of the world, highlighting both his political and strategic brilliance.

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