American has been in a Dubai jail for several years

The American has been in a Dubai jail for several years after a urinal was found

According to the lawyer’s website, Detained in Dubai, an American man who smoked and ingested cannabis in Las Vegas was found in the United Arab Emirates a few days after traces of marijuana were found in his urine. I was in jail for 3 years.

Peter Clark, 51, had a pancreatitis attack and flew from Las Vegas to Dubai on February 24 to go to the hospital. There, doctors found traces of hashish in his urine, believed he was in the United Arab Emirates, and reported Clark to the authorities.

He was arrested on March 3 and spent three days in a “flea-covered cell” before returning to the hotel to wait for his fate.

He recorded a video of his trial after being released from prison.

Clark said he has lost weight since I came here and has no shower, no food or drink.

The UAE’s arbitrary law enforcement and lack of predictable legal consequences mean that Peter could face years of prison for legally smoking marijuana.

Clark claims that he has never brought drugs to Dubai or used or purchased drugs in Dubai.

He is not the first Westerner to suffer from similar sins.

British Army veteran Andinil was released in 2019 after spending more than a year in prison. Another Englishman, Connor Clements, was arrested in Dubai after taking medical marijuana in the United Kingdom.

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