The appetite of investors, some companies prefer the little guy

The appetite of investors, some companies prefer the little guy

Small investors are becoming a force in the stock market, and corporate executives are beginning to take action.

After learned of its quarterly results last month, executives at the company, which sells auto parts, did much of what they did: They called a conference with Wall Street analysts, raising questions about the levels of listing, profit margins and companies. . Strategy.

About 30 minutes later, the same executives were in the clubhouse, hosting an entirely different type of audience. Buji met at the online meeting place to meet the 2,000 or more organizations invited from him. His questions were simpler. How did the business work? Why was able to offer lower prices than its traditional competitors? Was it worth buying stock?

David Menian, CFO and COO of, called the session a test. “We are trying to get people to fix the car,” he said. “Is there a way to alter the way retail investors communicate with management?”

Holdings of US family stocks have reached record levels compared to last year, and suddenly dozens of companies became more focused on individual investors. Something like is trying to turn newly entered merchants into dedicated shareholders, like reddit-fuel’s viral “meme stock” game. And GameStop itself is issuing some new shares of those meme corporations.

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