The Darkest Version of Batman Just Returned to DC Comics

The Darkest Version of Batman Just Returned to DC Comics

Batman has finally escaped Fortnite Island, but if the return of one of his greatest villain is of any indication, his troubles are far from over.

Warning! Spoilers for Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #6!

Batman and his fellow DC Comics characters have finally escaped from their ever-looping game of Fortnite, and as revealed in the final issue of this successful crossover event, the darkest version of Batman, The Batman Who Laughs, has officially returned to comics! And fans thought being tossed into the sun was going to be a permanent thing for this guy.

Seen at the very end of Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #6 by Christos Gage and Reilly Brown, the brains behind the nightmarish events that Batman, Catwoman and the rest of the players of Fortnite Island have been dealing with for the last few issues finally make themselves known. Orchestrated by DC Comics alum Lex Luthor, Fortnite-related character of Doctor Slone, and of course the evil Batman doppelgänger himself, The Batman Who Laughs, the continuing adventures of Batman and his Fortnite crew are clearly far from over, especially with the addition of the most villainous Batman of all helping to pull strings in the background.

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Talking amongst themselves about how they now have the means to travel back to Fortnite Island and its Zero Point thanks to the traitorous mercenary, Deathstroke, Lex is satisfied with a job well done as he mulls over what’s next. Stepping from the shadows as he’s usually wont to do, The Batman Who Laughs reveals himself as being in cahoots with Lex and Doctor Slone, single handedly making this Fortnite situation much more dire than originally expected.



Utterly annihilated by a giant, cosmic Wonder Woman when tossed directly into the sun during the finale to the epic crisis-level event known as Dark Nights: Death Metal, The Batman Who Laughs is a huge get for this nefarious team of villains, not only because he’s survived what many couldn’t possibly come back from, but also because he’s basically Batman in all but what his psychological profile reads like. Smart, effective, resourceful and sadistic (to say the least), the addition of The Batman Who Laughs to a team that’s already stacked with intellects, manipulators and bloodthirsty killers is a no brainer, and one that will undoubtedly pay off in the long run.

But perhaps what’s most interesting about this reveal is not that The Batman Who Laughs is alive and well (bad guys just never seem to stay dead in comics), but what it means for the heroes of DC moving forward. Technically part of DC’s Infinite Frontier initiative where every story matters, the return of The Batman Who Laughs in the pages of a Fortnite crossover comic is an odd choice to be sure, but one that also alludes to the idea of how long he’s been lurking in the shadows of other DC books, no doubt slowly but surely building up a new sort of scheme to unleash on Batman and the DC universe as a whole whenever he sees fit.

So while the return of The Batman Who Laughs is a huge reveal for fans, Batman and the rest of the DC universe will need to wait a little longer to find out that he’s still alive and what he has planned for them. And to think, all it took was a twisted game of Fortnite to make it happen.

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