The Deadliest Avengers Will Be Decided in A Brutal Marvel Fantasy

The Deadliest Avengers Will Be Decided in A Brutal Marvel Fantasy

Marvel’s upcoming Amazing Fantasy will pit a few classic Avengers against each other in a deadly test of survival based on a new solicitation.

A Marvel fantasy is coming that will pit the deadliest Avengers against each other. Black Widow is showcased on the cover of Amazing Fantasy #3, as she is one of the three big contenders for top Avenger on a mysterious island. She will face two of Marvel’s top heroes – unless peace can be found.

Amazing Fantasy is an upcoming five-issue miniseries that harkens back to an older time of storytelling. Captain America, Spider-Man, and Black Widow have already been revealed as being the main three Marvel heroes who have suddenly awoken on a strange island. In addition to trying to simply survive, these Avengers will each find a tribe that they will champion. Captain America was featured on the first issue’s cover, with Spider-Man following on Amazing Fantasy #2. Now, Black Widow is the center of Amazing Fantasy #3‘s cover.

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Written and illustrated by Kaare Andrews, Amazing Fantasy #3 will continue the story of Marvel’s best heroes, all from iconic eras of their comic history. Spider-Man is a teenager, Captain America is from the World War II era, and Black Widow is still in the Red Room. These classic Avengers will find themselves in a reality far different from that of the one they have been plucked from. These different backgrounds are bound to lead to deadly conflict. Check out the covers and Marvel’s solicit details here:

  • Amazing Fantasy #3
  • Kaare Andrews (W) | Kaare Andrews (A/C)
  • Variant Cover by Kaare Andrews
  • Variant Cover by E. M. Gist
  • $4.99 US | 32 PAGES | 3 OF 5 | Rated T+
  • On this amazing island of fantasy, World War II Cap, teenaged Spidey and spy school Black Widow have found their tribes. They must now meet on the battlefield of death. The stage is set. The actors are in place. All that’s left is WAR. Or is there one last chance to stop it all?

These covers are major throwbacks to Black Widow’s origin as a spy for the Soviet Union. While this series has nothing to do with space, the main cover is astounding and certainly captures science fiction themes associated with the space race that began in the 1950s. The hammer and sickle associated with Russia post-Russian Revolution are present on the rocket and a futuristic mushroom-domed city lies in the distance, all while Black Widow stands victorious over two alien beasts. Her spacesuit is sleek and gorgeous, while a mini alien dragon sits perched upon her shoulder.

The variant cover – also created by Kaare Andrews – takes on more of a fantasy theme, showing Black Widow wielding dual blades. The variant cover by E. M. Gist has yet to be revealed.  Spider-Man and Captain America are present in the background, also likely ready for combat considering that this issue plans to pit all three against each other. Considering the juxtaposition of America and Russia in Captain America and Black Widow’s timelines, it seems probable that nationalistic pride could further induce conflict between the two – especially if any patriotic symbols are recognized. It may be easier for Spider-Man and Captain America to form an alliance based on their national loyalties, than either with Black Widow – particularly considering the events of World War II and America’s fight against communism. This comic could easily be one of Captain America and Black Widow’s most dangerous encounters as Marvel’s Avengers are pitted against one another in this brutally Amazing Fantasy.

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