The Family Chantel: River Accused of Seeking Fame with New Music

The Family Chantel: River Accused of Seeking Fame with New Music

Chantel and her family are no strangers to fan criticism. Now viewers are calling out her brother River for the launch of his new music.

Though The Family Chantel star Chantel Jimeno may be the head of her family, critics are now coming for her brother, River. Chantel’s younger brother has been trying to launch a rap career and has been releasing new music. Though River appears to have the full support of his 90 Day Fiancé famous family, viewers are far more critical of River and his rap career. Many critics have come for his music and questioned him seemingly trying to profit off of his family’s success.

The extended Everett family is no stranger to criticism. Chantel has recently been called out for her excessive travels during the pandemic and her extreme use of filters on social media. However, viewers praised Chantel’s recent modeling photos. Though Chantel is knocked for her personality and her family has been labeled dramatic and messy, they still have their share of supporters. Chantel, River and the family will be back sometime soon for season 3 of The Family Chantel. In the meantime, River has been focusing on launching his music career.

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River took to his Instagram to announce the launch of his new CD The Journey which contains songs “Don’t Hurt My Feelings,” “Faucet,” and “Plug.” Chantel supported her brother’s announcement by commenting, “Go get it!! Is my favorite.” However, viewers were far more critical when one viewer shared River’s music to Reddit. The user shared a screenshot of River’s new songs with the caption, “First we we had Darcy and Stacey’s sh***y music. Now River Knight has his own CD?.” Many commenters were similarly critical as fans called out River for trying to piggyback off of Chantel’s fame with his cringe-worthy music career. “Riding the coat tails while he can,” one critic wrote. “This river’s about as deep as a puddle,” another person commented.

Commenters also called out River for his style that did not fit the rapper image he was trying to present. “The striped turtleneck, tho!! Dude, hire a stylist…,” one commenter wrote. “Aren’t rappers supposed to be tough and hardcore? Feel like this is a spoiled privledged kiddo uses daddy’s money on a mix tape. That picture/cover is so cringe,” another person observed. Many people agreed that River needed a serious style overhaul. “I didn’t know Beaker from The Muppets had his own music out? jk,” another person joked. Overall, commenters voiced that they didn’t think River would have anyone buying or downloading his new music. However, they added that at least River appeared to have full support from his family.

While many 90 Day Fiancé franchise stars have used their new platforms to launch careers or earn money, viewers dislike River’s music. Some have accused him of being deluded about his talent. The one Everett family member that fans appear to support is River and Chantel’s sister Winter. Winter was recently praised for her glowing and slimmed-down appearance. In contrast, the Everett parents have been labeled some of the worst family members in the franchise. Nonetheless, the entire family will be returning for more reality TV content. Though an exact launch has not been announced, season 3 of The Family Chantel is believed to air sometime in the fall.

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Source: River Knight, Reddit

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