The Fantastic Four Ruined Their One Chance At Peace With Doctor Doom

The Fantastic Four Ruined Their One Chance At Peace With Doctor Doom

Marvel’s First Family no longer have the option of peace with their nemesis Doctor Doom, ruining the one chance they had by wrecking his wedding day.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Fantastic Four #34

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Fantastic Four, the First Family have completely decimated their one chance at peace with their arch-foe Doctor Doom. Thanks to a massively poor decision by Johnny’s Storm’s Human Torch, recent issues saw the wedding of Doom and the Latverian hero Victorious exploding into chaos, and with it the promises of continued peace that would have come with it. Now, Doom fully intends to kill the Fantastic Four, Black Panther, Namor, and all of his guests in attendance.

Before Doom’s proposal in recent issues of Fantastic Four, Zora Vukovic (also known as Victorious) had been intimate with Johnny Storm’s Human Torch, who himself was in a prior relationship he was wanting to temporarily escape from. As a result, they planned to keep it a secret once Doom made his intentions to wed Victorious known. Additionally, Doom made vows that any past grievances and rivalries with those who attended his wedding would be forgiven, creating an opportunity for peace that was too good to pass up for many such as the Black Panther and Namor with their respective nations, as well as the Fantastic Four themselves. However, everything changed as the vows were being exchanged, as Victorious felt compelled to confess her time with the Human Torch before she and Doom were wed.

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Now, Fantastic Four #34 from writer Dan Slott and artist R.B. Silva sees Doom having trapped all the heroes in attendance, using mass hypnosis to prevent them from attacking Doom directly while sending his Doombots to kill all of his guests. Apparently, the Human Torch’s slight against Doom was too much to bear, though previous issues did confirm that Doom had fully intended to honor his promises of peace, having destroyed several superweapons and technologies that had been developed over the years to defeat the Fantastic Four once and for all. However, it looks as though Doom is going to kill them anyways now that the wedding has clearly been called off thanks to the Human Torch.


While the heroes got to work protecting all of the other guests and visiting dignitaries, Doom also unleashed his Armagedron, a massive drone capable of firing concentrated cosmic rays with its sights set on Johnny Storm. Believing that death was too good for him, Doom punishes the Human Torch with a blast from the drone, resulting in Johnny’s flames becoming hotter than ever while also making it so they couldn’t be turned off. Once that happened, the heroes were permitted to go while Latveria was made to believe that Doom’s wedding was simply a ruse to draw their enemies in amongst their allies. With that, the chances for future peace with Doom are well and truly dead and buried, creating one of the wildest weddings Marvel Comics has ever had.

Furthermore, while Doom claimed he never wanted to see Zora’s face ever again it seems as though there was a deeper meaning, as she still returned to his side at the end of the issue wearing an iron mask of her own that she’ll presumably never take off in his presence. All, this is a hugely tragic issue on several levels considering what was almost achieved. In any case, here’s hoping the Fantastic Four will be able to cure Johnny before Doctor Doom inevitably strkes again in the future.

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