The Most Vicious Avengers Unite in Stunning Moon Knight Cover Art

The Most Vicious Avengers Unite in Stunning Moon Knight Cover Art

Marvel’s Moon Knight is teaming up with the deadly Tigra in his new comic series, with the latest cover promising a brutal battle.

Marvel’s Moon Knight is joining forces with the brutal Tigra in a brand new cover for Moon Knight #4. The Fist of Khonshu will be getting help from the striped human/tiger hybrid in an upcoming issue and, judging from the cover art, they are in for an unforgettable fight.

The new series, written by Jed MacKay with art by Alessandro Cappucio, follows the returned ‘Mr. Knight’ as he opens his Midnight Mission, offering protection from the weird and supernatural. The series also takes place after Moon Knight imprisoned Khonshu after his memorable Avengers battle, apparently clearing the way for the reintroduction of Moon Knight’s ‘Marc Spector’ persona. Not to mention raising the question of just what–and who–Marc Spector actually is if Moon Knight is the crime fighter and Mr. Knight is the public-facing persona. Tigra is no stranger to balancing personas without losing who she is. Although Tigra is technically still her alter ego, Greer Grant, she does have a preference for remaining in her tiger form as the vengeful Tigra. The form now fighting at Moon Knight’s side.

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The first issue of the new Marvel Moon Knight series arrives July 21, but art for the upcoming fourth issue has already been released. According to the plot synopsis, a mysterious foe appears and attacks in a “new and unexpected direction.” Moon Knight receives a visit from an old friend, an appearance from Tigra, and most importantly, finds himself answering the question: “Why do you wear a mask?” The cover, with art by Steve McNiven, features Moon Knight and Tigra, clearly battle worn from the dangers they have faced. ComicBook has the exclusive cover art.

Moon Knight Tigra Comic Cover

Both Tigra and Moon Knight are Avengers, so this is likely not the first time they’ve crossed paths. Still, the team-up will be a volatile one–considering both struggle with one of the most important facets of modern superheroes: where does the hero begin, and the alter ego end? Moon Knight finds himself balancing three identities in this series, as well: the white-suited Moon Knight hero persona, the public-facing (but still mysterious) Mr. Knight, and his most human persona, Marc Spector. Marc is easily the most overlooked of the three, as it seems even Moon Knight himself would like to forget about the acts he committed as a mercenary. Yet each of these three alter egos contributes to who this being is… so is it possible to truly separate them?

Moon Knight’s need to do so makes this team-up with Tigra especially intriguing, as she blurs the lines between Greer Grant–her human alter ego–and the tiger-striped heroine. While both heroes are tied to a higher power (Moon Knight to Khonshu, and Tigra to the Cat People), their connection to these higher powers offers a totally different take on what it means to be a superhero, and an identity fractured.

These questions and more will be ripe for examination once Moon Knight #1 arrives on July 21, 2021.

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