The Sixers have discussed the aggression with star Ben Simmons

The Sixers have discussed the aggression with star Ben Simmons

All-Star Ben Simmons does a lot for the Philadelphia 76ers on both sides of the floor. When it comes to defense, he’s an elite defender and regularly takes on some of the best scorers in the game every night. On the offensive side, he creates many open looks for his teammates and is sometimes a barometer of play for that purpose.

But he’s so smooth and big that he seems to need to easily score more points.

Simmons began the game aggressively on Saturday, with Philadelphia defeating Oklahoma City Thunder, scoring 10 points in the first quarter. He headed to the basket for an easy point and dropped two shots from the middle range jump. He got off to a good start, but had only three points left.

With his quick start, Thunder began to get a little closer to him, which made a difference, but the Sixers were able to use that quick start from Simmons more throughout the game.

I always talk to him, said his teammate Joel Embiid. First of all, you need to be proactive in front of every team, whether you’re playing or looking for a shot. He needs to get a guy from another team to protect him.

Embiid said he was really excited when he took these two shots. He’s starting to get comfortable and he’s back to where he was just before the All-Star game, so he has to keep going.

For most of them, Simmons is a playmaker. His role on the attacking side is to keep his teammates open and to keep the attack going smoothly. That is his main responsibility. When he enters the painting, he is doing what he wants, even if it is not himself.

He wants him to be offensive, but offensive scorers think he’s offensive, Dock Rivers said. I think he is crazy about paints and is actively involved in theater. He may have an aggressive game that I don’t shoot much, but he aggressively used speed. That’s what we want.

On the other hand, if he is looking for his own attack, it adds another weapon to his floor. He’s a guy who can get to the basket and score easily if he really wants to. His first responsibility is to be a playmaker, but there are some nights when he has to win the ball and help in that regard, especially in the playoffs.

First of all, Embiid added that he was a playmaker. He wants to be a playmaker and wants to involve everyone, but he may need to actively mark other teams on other teams.

Either way, it’s a bit more aggressive as long as Simmons is always obsessed with paint, like Saturday. He has received so much attention that he is openly looking at his teammates. That is the coaching staff’s approach.

We need him to drive straight for himself, or for him to create traffic, Rivers concludes. That’s what we really want. All the traffic he can get and deliver. Either way is fine, but when he does, we’ll be a better team.

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