The Witcher Reveals All Season 2 Episode Titles Except Finale

The Witcher Reveals All Season 2 Episode Titles Except Finale

Netflix reveals all episode titles for The Witcher season 2 except the finale, teasing Kaer Mohren, Redanian espionage, and deathless spirits.

The episode titles for the season 2 of Netflix’s The Witcher have been revealed in the wake of the trailer’s premiere at WitcherCon. Adapted from the fantasy novels by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, which also inspired CD Projekt Red’s popular video games, the first season of The Witcher arrived on Netflix in late 2019. The series stars Henry Cavill as the titular Witcher, Geralt of Rivia. Geralt travels the Continent hunting monsters and encountering a variety of other characters, including Anya Chalotra’s sorceress Yennefer of Vengerberg and  Joey Batey’s bard Jaskier, while simultaneously finding his fate entwined with that of a young girl, Ciri (Freya Allan).

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Upon its arrival in 2019, The Witcher quickly proved popular with viewers, ranking second on Netflix’s own list of most-viewed series that year despite its late arrival. Fans have been waiting for news on the second season with great anticipation and were duly rewarded at WitcherCon, which was co-hosted by Netflix and CD Projekt Red. The virtual convention released both a trailer for the upcoming season, as well as a release date of December 17. The trailer primarily shows Geralt and Ciri arriving at the Witcher stronghold of Kaer Morhen to begin Ciri’s training, as well as providing the first glimpses of Paul Bullion and Basil Eidenbenz’s characters Lambert and Eskel.

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Since the release of the trailer, Netflix posted a a video on the official Twitter account for The Witcher listing the episode titles for the first seven episodes of The Witcher season 2, encouraging fans to “decipher the clues hidden” within. Notably though, the final episode’s title was obscured instead describing it as “top secret”, which is understandable as Netflix will want to keep some cards close to their chest. The full episode titles are: “A Grain of Truth”, “Kaer Morhen”, “What Is Lost”, “Redanian Intelligence”, “Turn Your Back”, “Dear Friend”, and “Voleth Meir”. You can watch the full video below:

Where The Witcher season 1 primarily drew inspiration from Sapkowski’s short story collection The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny, which were set before the events of the main saga involving Geralt and Ciri, it seems that the upcoming season will kick their journey off in earnest. Naturally, the announcement has ignited a great deal of speculation about what’s in store for the sophomore season, with the titles being accompanied by various carvings reflective of each episode.

With Kaer Mohren being such a vital part of the trailer, it’s more than likely that Geralt and Ciri won’t arrive there until the second episode, giving the pair a chance to become acquainted with one another in “A Grain of Truth'”. More interesting perhaps is the title of episode 4, “Redanian Intelligence”, which is symbolized by a cloak and dagger. Actor Graham McTavish has previously been announced as playing Sigmund Dijkstra, a spymaster for the kingdom of Redania, so it’s entirely possible that the episode may see Geralt working alongside the spy towards some end. Work which may also involve Cassie Clare’s Philippa Eilhart, a sorceress who in the books went on to become Djikstra’s lover.

One of the biggest questions surrounds the penultimate Witcher season 2 episode, “Voleth Meir”. The name is wrapped in mystery, but a casting announcement went out in 2020 for a role titled Vanessa-Marie which shares the initials, so it’s more than possible this could be a pseudonym for Voleth Meir. The name itself allegedly translates as ‘Deathless Mother’, possibly hinting at a witch-like figure akin to Baba Yaga in Slavic folklore, which Sapkowski draws heavily from. While fans can speculate all they want, they will have to await full confirmation when The Witcher season 2 arrives on December 17th.

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