The X-Men Just Created The Marvel Universe’s Most Powerful Mech

The X-Men Just Created The Marvel Universe’s Most Powerful Mech

Marvel’s X-Men are officially back with a new team and series, as well as an impressive new mech they’ve constructed to epically save the day.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for X-Men #1

Marvel’s X-Men are officially back with a brand new official team and series, and the first issue kicks things off in epic fashion with the creation of the Marvel Universe’s most powerful mech. Not only does mutankind finally have an official team of heroes once more, but they’ve also returned to New York as well. However, the new X-Men roster is quickly put to the test in this new issue, though they certainly rise to meet the challenge, facing down a large alien robot attacking the city.

Marvel Comics’ X-Men #1 comes from writer Gerry Duggan and artist Pepe Larraz and sees the new X-Men team – consisting of Polaris, Synch, Laura Kinney’s Wolverine, Sunfire, and Rogue – being lead by Cyclops and Jean Grey. Having been elected by the mutant nation of Krakoa during the recently concluded Hellfire Gala, these particular mutants were chosen to be the best representatives and heroes mutantkind has to offer, and this new alien threat is a classic trial by fire. Based out of their new headquarters in New York known as the Treehouse, the new X-Men quickly respond, combining their powers to stop the massive threat.

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In the face of such a huge alien that’s unleashing a devastating psychic attack on the entire city, Polaris seals the X-Men in a metal cocoon to protect them long enough to come up with a plan. Still being synched to Krakoa’s resident inventor Force, Synch shares his idea to build something truly awesome to combat the alien threat, and the entire team quickly agrees. Using their powers to gather as much steel, solar panels, and batteries as they can, the X-Men build their very own massive X-Mech to battle the alien robot. The mech utilizes a combination of their powers to operate, packing a huge punch that’s more than enough for the team to save the day.


Once the combined powers of Cyclops and Sunfire punched a hole in the alien using their new X-Mech, Laura jumped inside to take it down from the inside in classic Wolverine style. When the dust settled, the X-Men had achieved an awesome victory to mark their return to New York, and it was all before Spider-Man, the Avengers, and Fantastic Four arrived (who were all glad to see the X-Men’s return as well). While it would have been nice to see the X-Mech in use for a few issues longer, it seems to have been given a nice home as a lighthouse on Krakoa, ready for action should the X-Men have need of it again.

In any case, what better way to kick off a new era for the X-Men than with an awesome mech battling a giant alien? It’s going to be interesting to see what else the new team has in store as Marvel’s new X-Men series continues, especially since this alien robot certainly won’t be the last threat on the way to plague Earth by any means.

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