Thor is Finally Proving He Deserves to Be All-Father

Thor is Finally Proving He Deserves to Be All-Father

Thor has previously expressed reluctance in becoming the All-Father, but one comic has just proven that he is more than ready to accept the role.

Warning! Spoilers for Captain Marvel #29 ahead!

Thor’s longest and most continuous journey in Marvel comics has always been one of worthiness. His powers and connection to his hammer Mjolnir—as well as his right to the throne—have always been connected to how worthy and deserving he is of the role of superhero and All-Father. In the newest issue of Captain Marvel, however, it appears he may be finally growing into his role.

Throughout his life Thor has always been more drawn to adventuring and heroics than he is to leadership and responsibility. But he was thrust into a new position after Odin named him King of Asgard and All-Father. After forging a new Mjolnir, controlling previously untapped powers, and saving the Ten Realms from total imminent destruction, even Thor’s own father sees his own power and worthiness and bows before his son as the new All-Father.

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Readers get a sense of how Thor is acclimating to his new role in Captain Marvel #29 by Kelly Thompson and Jacopo Camagni. The issue opens with an unusual meeting between Captain Marvel, and the Enchantress, as the two women sit down for a cup of tea and a serious chat. After discovering Amora the Enchantress and Namor’s son, Ove, ruling the apocalyptic world of 2052, Carol chases him into the present and knows only one thing will allow her the upper-hand—magic. Developing her own magical skills will take more than a little work however, and Carol is forced to turn to Ove’s own mother, the Enchantress, for help. Carol reveals that she learned of Enchantress’ location from Thor, who has been keeping tabs on Amora. But even though he knows where she is, he is deciding to let her be.

In the past Thor would have rushed in to fight the Enchantress as soon as he learned where she was. But Thor’s attention doesn’t seem particularly focused on the two women. As the All-Father, he has the ability to check in on anyone he chooses in the Ten Realms, and this shows he is using his new powers judiciously. Instead of chasing down villainous types like the wily Enchantress, he turns his godly eyes away and allows her to live her life without bothering her. She is free, especially since she is not doing anything particularly worth intervening in.

However, despite his benevolent rule, there is a sense in the comics that Thor doesn’t truly have confidence in his ability to be the All-Father. In Heroes Reborn #6 by Jason Aaron, Eric D’Urso and Ed McGuinness, Thor recalls his superhero powers and manifests not his All-Father gear, but in his classic Thor costume. This suggests that Thor not only doesn’t recall himself as All-Father, but also doesn’t primarily see himself in the role, either. However his actions show that he is suited to the position. He is showing wisdom by not just attacking Enchantress but keeping an eye on her in case she steps out of line. Such a balanced and confident use of his abilities suggests that Thor is finally stepping into his role and thinking like a true king.

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