Too Hot to Handle: Melinda Melrose’s Current Age & Relationship Status

Too Hot to Handle: Melinda Melrose’s Current Age & Relationship Status

Melinda Melrose starred on Too Hot To Handle season 2. Fans are curious about Melinda’s age and whether she currently has a love interest.

Melinda Melrose and Marvin Anthony from Too Hot To Handle season 2 were a fan-favorite couple, and we’re about to discuss Melinda’s age and her love life since leaving the dramatic dating show. Melinda is one of the most memorable Too Hot To Handle stars. She had a romance with season 2 winner Marvin Anthony on the show. However, a lot has changed in the model’s love life since she left the villa.

Melinda was born on April 27, 1993, which means that she is currently 28 years old. Melinda is a model from Brooklyn who has to make her own business opportunities because of her height. Melinda is 5’5″ tall, which she acknowledges is too short for the standards of the modeling industry. Nevertheless, Melinda has made a lucrative career for herself as a model. Melinda captured the hearts of audiences, as well as Marvin, on Too Hot To Handle season 2. On the show, the two were smitten with one another. They became an instant hit with the fans. The couple faced some challenges on the dating show, such as Melinda feeling frustrated over the attention that Marvin gave to the other women. Ultimately, Melinda and Marvin ended Too Hot To Handle season 2 hand-in-hand.

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Although Melinda and Marvin appeared to be going strong at the end of the season, the couple’s relationship status quickly became ambiguous. After Too Hot To Handle season 2 concluded, Melinda and Marvin returned to their separate corners of the Earth. Melinda is based in Brooklyn, New York and Marvin lives in Paris, France. The season ended in fall 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic was in full force, making international travel difficult. Fans were desperate to know whether or not Melinda and Marvin stayed together, but neither Too Hot To Handle alum broke their silence on their status. Recently, however, Melinda made a shocking revelation.

After weeks of not posting anything Marvin-related on her Instagram, Melinda made a jaw-dropping post. On July 6, Melinda shared a steamy photo with none other than her Too Hot To Handle season 2 co-star Peter Vigilante. The comment section was full of support from the new couple’s fellow Too Hot To Handle stars, as well as confusion from the series’ fans. Additionally, Peter posted another picture with Melinda confirming the duo’s status as a couple since the end of their season. Under Peter‘s post, Melinda commented, “I always win,” and co-star Cam Holmes exclaimed, Welcome to the couples gang.” In response to the Too Hot To Handle season 2 cast’s Instagram activity, Marvin demonstrated his approval of Melinda’s new relationship. Under Peter’s announcement post, Marvin commented, “Good job, buddy,” indicating that his split from Melinda was mutual and for the best.

Melinda’s relationship status has been a tricky one to nail down, but it’s currently as clear as it’s ever been. While fans might be disappointed that the 28-year-old wasn’t able to make it work with Marvin, she appears to have found her happily ever after with Peter. Melinda and Peter might not be the Too Hot To Handle season 2 couple fans expected, but they are one that fans deserve.

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