Trevor Noah explains what black families teach about policing

Trevor Noah explains what black families teach about policing

Trevor Noah Black Families often take into account police conversations about their encounter with their children.

As calls for justice and accountability from families, activists and politicians increase, the number of blacks killed and harassed by the police is increasing. Last: Dount Wright, 20, died at the hands of police officer Kim Potter after traffic stopped. Potter was charged with second-degree genocide and was put on trial at his first court Thursday.

Noah took up the danger when black families warned each other about encountering law enforcement on the Thursday episode of the Daily Show.

Noah says every encounter between a police officer and a black man is fraught with danger.

The comedian and TV host talked about how black parents search for their children, similar to how parents discuss birds and bees with their children. Noah also talked about how black parents behave when traffic stops. To be added to routine lessons.

“I know all parents are talking about how to stay safe with their kids,” Noah says. But for blacks, it is especially about being protected from the police, whose job it is to keep them safe.

Noah says these controversies are not new, it happened over the years that the police didn’t change how they treat blacks. The Daily Show host probably said it wasn’t blacks who needed to talk.

Knock said the talks had yet to prevent violence against blacks. So maybe those who need to talk about how to work around the police aren’t black. Perhaps the police just need a word on how to treat black people in their environment.

When former judge Derek Chauvin’s trial for George Floyd’s death began, Wright’s death sparked protests across the country, including around Minneapolis.

At a press conference Thursday, Wright’s mother, Katie, said she did not think she would get justice for her son. “Justice will bring our son back to our house,” she said.

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