Tucker Carlson invited a ‘poultry enthusiast’ onto Fox News

Tucker Carlson invited a ‘poultry enthusiast’ onto Fox News

Tucker Carlson’s latest news segment has ruffled some wings.

Fox News moderators invited poultry enthusiast and former college athlete Tiara Soleim to the show on Friday night to talk about her love for hugging her chickens and her dislike for the Control Center. .. .. and disease prevention.

The interview took place just one day after the CDC announced that a dangerous Salmonella outbreak had sickened people in 43 states and that the outbreak was associated with backyard poultry.

Like all compliant Americans, we are very careful about what the CDC has to say about our lives, Carlson said in his segment. Once upon a time, it had nothing to do with the coronavirus. This guide is about chickens.

Authorities warned people not to kiss, snuggle, eat or drink poultry in the backyard, adding that such behavior could lead to Salmonella.

Who are these chicken toilets that the CDC is concerned about because of the questions that arise? Carlson said before introducing his special guest.

Soleil, who owns 30 chickens, was not happy with the CDC’s warning.

I’ve been dealing with chicken since I was 4 years old, so I’m not a big fan. And I kissed them, snuggled up, turned their faces, and I’m fine. The people around me are fine. And I’m fine with that, he told Carlson.

During a show that called the CDC Guide a disaster, Carlson asked if guests felt attacked.

She feels that the CDC has chosen to criticize him. What does she think of herself? He said.

Soleil immediately replied that she was just looking for something else under the control of the CDC.

So far, at least 163 people have become ill and 34 have been hospitalized during the outbreak of Salmonella, officials said. He warned Americans that chicken and ducks “can carry salmonella even if they look healthy and clean.”

Salmonella is a bacterium that causes a disease called Salmonella, which causes diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps in people.

According to the CDC, it lives in the intestines of humans and animals. People are vulnerable to infection after eating contaminated food and treating infected animals and their feces.

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