Champions League final

UEFA Has Issues With CL Switch to London

UEFA gave the British government the right until Tuesday to propose a travel waiver necessary to move the Champions League final to Wembley, or an English-language match could be played in Portugal instead.

On May 29, the show between Chelsea and Manchester City is due to be rescheduled from Istanbul after Turkey has been added to England’s red list of countries with severe coronavirus outbreaks, posing problems for travel enthusiasts.

Portugal is on England’s Green List of 12 Low-Risk Territories where people are not required to be quarantined when they return next Monday, making it easier for thousands of City and Chelsea fans to travel.

Porto is one of the fallback options after UEFA faced difficulties with its preferred location in London.

On Monday, UEFA held talks with the British government but was unable to secure a quarantine exemption for everyone they would like to be able to attend the final in London, including Champions League sponsors, their guests and the media, people familiar with the negotiations said. Associated Press. They spoke on condition of anonymity as they were not authorized to discuss the negotiations.

UEFA has given the British government until Tuesday to decide if the authorities can offer all necessary travel waivers.

Switzerland, where UEFA is based, is on the yellow list of countries from which people arriving in England must be quarantined for 10 days, albeit individually organized and not through mandatory hotel lockdown for arrivals from red-listed countries.

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