Ugly Pokémon Figure Display Really Lives Up To Its Name

Ugly Pokémon Figure Display Really Lives Up To Its Name

Many Pokémon figures have come and gone over the years, but these sinister and creepy looking fake Pokémon figures make a very big impression.

There have been many types of Pokémon figures produced over the years, be they real or fake. The number of Pokémon figures has increased with each generation of Pokémon releasing. But the newest line of ugly Pokémon figures live up to their name of being ugly and uncanny.

The counterfeit Pokémon figure business has been booming for as long as the franchise’s existence. Just last year, United States Customs and Border Protection agents found over 86,000 counterfeit figures valued at over six hundred thousand dollars. For how valued official Pokémon figures and merchandise are, fake figures can certainly be valuable due to the market in demand for them. Though these figures can be cheaply produced, the uniqueness of them such as the expressions in these figurines can make them in demand for some customers.

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Reddit user kaworuscott posted a pic of these figures in a storefront, and the disturbing highly exaggerated teeth and eyes make these figures hard to look at. The screenshot shows that these figures are priced at 20 pounds, or around 27 US dollars, which is a bit pricey for the size of these figures. Some like Squirtle could wear the look well, but the exposed gums from the Pikachu figure don’t look as appealing. A Charizard figure is also partially shown to the right. These figures are made by Soul M Studio, who have also made figures for other series like Digimon.

Though these figures are undoubtedly disturbing, it could be argued that the grin suits Gengar well. Gengar has specialized in the strange and creepy departments for as far back as the first generation, in part due to its evolution line being the first ghost Pokémon in the series. Gengar’s tongue is also very recognizable, to the point where a recent Pokémon Gengar plushie allows its tongue to be slept on. The wide grin can also arguably fit Squirtle too, as Squirtle in the anime are shown to have exuberant personalities.

Regardless of how these figures are seen, there’s no denying that they make an impression, to say the least. There will always be a market for these figures, whether it’s due to their rarity or their unique designs. With the Pokémon count continuing to grow exponentially, there will only continue to be more fake figurines made of both old and new pocket monsters. Those that wish to have a creepy-looking Pikachu or Gengar on their shelves can feel free to purchase these Pokémon figures online, though be warned that they’re even more expensive to purchase on online stores.

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Source: kaworuscott/Reddit

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