Warzone Tournament Has To Be Completely Reset Over Hackers

Warzone Tournament Has To Be Completely Reset Over Hackers

The Twitch Rivals EU Warzone Tournament has been reset after at least one player was found hacking. This comes after initially refusing to reset.

The Twitch Rivals Call of Duty: Warzone EU Tournament has been completely reset after multiple hackers were found participating. The decision to reset comes after backlash from the community, due to the lack of action from the admins. Raven Software, the developer behind Warzone, has not commented.

CoD: Warzone is a battle royale spinoff in the popular franchise. It has become rather infamous for the sheer number of cheaters in the game. The game is also incredibly glitchy, with occurrences like players turning invisible distressingly common. Raven Software has put out multiple patches in an effort to stop hackers. A recent ban wave banned 50,000 accounts, but plenty more escaped removal.

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As reported by Inven Global, the recent $75,000 Twitch Rivals Warzone Showdown has been reset. Multiple hackers had been found participating – a violation of Twitch’s terms of service. At least one, Davskar, has been banned as a result of his use of aimbot. Competitor Fifakill was the one to bring the cheaters to attention. He also claimed an admin allowed Davskar to keep competing, despite his blatant cheats. However, he later commended Twitch Rivals for removing the hackers and ordering a full reset.

Accusing another professional streamer and player would normally be an extreme measure. However, Warzone‘s cheating problems are notoriously widespread. Inven Global’s own research revealed that the Warzone subreddit is filled with posts about hackers – up to 50% of the week’s top posts. As for Davskar, a video posted to Twitter shows him using an aimbot against Fifakill. Amidst all this controversy, neither Raven Software nor publisher Activision has made any comment regarding the tournament. It’s also worth noting that only the EU Twitch Rivals event has been reset; the NA version is continuing as normal.

Unfortunately, with how easy it is to cheat in Warzone and how ineffective anti-cheat measures are, things are unlikely to change without a major overhaul. While it’s excellent that Twitch stepped in and forced a reset, it still begs the question: why did that original admin allow Davskar to continue playing despite the proof? It’s a question that may not be answered, at least without knowing who the admin is. Esports competitions are reliant on admins allowing fair, balanced games. When they don’t do their jobs, it gives cheaters and griefers free rein to cause as much chaos as they want. That should never be okay – not on a casual level, and certainly not in professional play. Hopefully, this debacle will encourage others to call out those being unfair, whether they’re other players or those observing them.

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