Washington QB Alex Smith for 7 potential landing spots

Washington QB Alex Smith for 7 potential landing spots

A report came out on Sunday showing that veteran Washington quarterback Alex Smith wants to continue playing in the NFL for the 2021 season, but he believes the Washington football team may not. there is.

Given his huge $ 24.2 million salary cap, it’s quite possible that Washington will release Smith and choose a new quarterback that hasn’t been named yet. It’s possible that he could rebuild his contract and stay, but it’s clear that he wants to go somewhere and still see the playtime.

So where would you go if you were released from Washington? There are some ideas, keeping in mind the fact that Smith can still contribute to the field. These are our main options:

Of all the teams that can sign if Smith is released, Jaguar makes the most sense. First, consider that Jacksonville’s new coach, Urban Meyer, is the coach of Smith’s University in Utah, and the two are still very closely related. Also consider that in the first overall choice of the draft, Jaguar is expected to take on Trevor Lawrence of Clemson as a franchise. Will it take weeks to adjust before taking over as incumbent? Maybe, but probably not. Still, Smith’s presence in the quarterback room can do astounding things when Lawrence moves to the NFL.

Washington football team

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Of course, there is no guarantee that Alex Smith will not wear a Washington uniform next season. However, to do so, he needs to rebuild his contract so as not to hit the salary cap so much. It also depends heavily on where Ron Rivera decides to go in the QB position. Do they have young draft players who need to be mentors? Are they exchanging veteran players for someone at risk of success, such as Marcus Mariota or Samdernold? It can be very valuable for Smith to be in close proximity to these players, so don’t give him another uniform before understanding the value Smith brings to Washington.

New York Jets

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Jet is an interesting option. There are several ways to go in a quarterback position, and Alex Smith makes sense in both scenarios. In the second round of selection, many expect Jets to draft one of the best quarterbacks in April. This means that Samder Nord is finding a new team. We’ve already talked about the value Smith can bring to a rookie quarterback working to find his place in the league, and his presence as a quarterback on the bridge for a few weeks may be beneficial. .. Similarly, if Darnold stays in New York and tries to make it bigger with new coaching staff, Smith may become a mentor and try to help him take the next step. Of course, this is obviously less desirable for Smith who still wants to play.

Carolina Panthers

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The Panthers are another wildcard team as there is so much to do this offseason when it comes to quarterback positions. Many people think they can change the draft and get one of the best outlooks. This puts Smith in our position. The Bridge QB idea works if Carolina chooses to go with a newcomer who needs to be introduced to the NFL.

Chicago Bears

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What are your plans with Mitch Trubisky? Or Nick Foles? Is it possible to change the draft? The Chicago Bears don’t look like Smith’s landing site, but for now I’ll leave the option open and at least label it with a wildcard.

Denver Broncos

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As for QB, another wildcard team, Broncos, has recently had some rumors that he may not be very excited about Drew Lock. They could take part in Deshaun Watson’s deal and would knock them out of Alex Smith’s conversation, but if they put up with rock, Smith’s presence would definitely help him step up. .. ..

Philadelphia Eagles

(AP photo / Chris Szagola)

I don’t like cross-sectoral movements, but Jalen Hurts can use a mentor and Carson Wentz will leave early in the 2021 season.

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