Watch Cedar Park vs Denton Ryan Live: UIL 5A DI State Game Preview

Watch Cedar Park vs Denton Ryan Live: UIL 5A DI State Game Preview

Denton Ryan is to complete the wire-to-wire completion at the top of the state rankings and to restore the first state title since 2002. Meanwhile, Indor Cedar Park He has been seeking a third state title since 2012.

The robbers dominated the year and sent a series of longings to Longwich and Highland Park, which many thought would make it past the semi-finals of the Mansfield Conference. Guba had other ideas and delayed the invaders, but Ryan played a key role in a comfortable 49-35 victory.

Match Information:

Event: Denton Ryan vs Cedar Park
Date: 15, January 2021
Where: AT&T Stadium
TV Channel: NFHS Network
Live Online: WATCH HERE

Oklahoma signing Billy Bowman made 13 catches and touchdowns in 134 yards and gave some players a big win over Ryan. In February, the FBS DBT Marsh, believed to be a signatory, made his way across the road and was hit again for touch. Memphis signing Kibi Set Heniga threw 208 yards and two touchdowns to catch a touchdown pass.

Cedar Corpus Christ, a former patriotic memorial, smashed a jet in the third quarter. l61-28. Timberwell opened the game wide with five consecutive touchdowns in the second half. The main reason for the explosion was the attack on QB driver Hernandez and CPHS. Hernandez distributed the ball to seven different receivers overnight, throwing 394 yards and seven touchdowns.

Cedar Park Defense, which had problems delaying the commemoration of veterans in the first half, forced two rehabilitation activities and stopped veterinarians in the 4th and 3rd and completed the third quarter. Took control.

Hernandez is a very good Kibi and he has a lot of weapons, but this game will be the key to Cedar Park’s offensive line. If Denton Ryan can adjust his ears and chase Hernandez, it will be enough for their DB to stick to the Cedar Park reception. It could be a long night for Cedar Park, and we don’t expect Denton Ryan to be ready to play after last week’s horror and loss of title a year ago.

Players To Watch

Denton Ryan

ATH Jatavion Sanders-Do you need top speed? Elite pass fishing? Need someone to wash your car? Jatavion Sanders are supernatural beings. Future Longhorns will receive more than 1,000 yards, and invaders will line up for a major stoppage of defense.

WR Billy Bowman Jr.-Lightning to Thunders Thunder Outside, Bowman receives over 1,000 yards, but is a high-negative safe-running runner on the other side of the rock. It was almost impossible for the team to close him and Sanders in the playoffs.

The end of LB DJ Arkansas-Cedar Park was impressive throughout the season, but I’ve never met a team of players like Denton Ryan’s Athletics and DJ Jane. Arkansas. Veterans, along with his second teammate, Anthony Hill Jr., are trying to thwart a powerful timbre walk.

Cedar Park

QB Ryder Hernandez-This is not an ancient Cedar Park group that relies on ancient defensive and tactical destruction. The Timberwolves Record-Old was probably the shortest transit time in the state, over 4,200 yards, two intercepts from 58 items, and over 70% completion. The Carl Assek team has scored more than 50 points 10 times. this year.

OL Luke Williams-Cedar Park faces the best athletic team of the year. Timberwell’s anchor on the attack line must defend Raider Hernandez and keep the ball on the field.

WR Gunnar Abseck-Denton Ryan may pay close attention to Josh Cameron, most of Cedar Park’s playgrounds. Throughout the year, Karl Avesk relied on his son to play on-screen to create the best drama of all. Gunner has 1,012 yards and 15 touchdowns with 77 catches.

Ryan WRs vs. Cedar Park DBs

Ja’Tavion Sanders Billy Bowman. What more do I need to say? Its pairing is one of the most unfair in Texas High School football at all levels. Cedar Park has a strong defense against talented players on the defensive back field, but are they working to cover these two? I understand!

Cedar Park Interior OL vs Ryan DL

Cedar Park appeared in the championship game thanks to Luke Williams, a state offensive lineman who leads a powerful attacking line. However, Ryan Jr.’s DT Bear Alexander. can transform himself into his top talent during the 2020 season and pull the game in favor of Ryan. Cedar Park needs its inner line to intensify and survive the onslaught of FBS talent through Ryan’s line.

For some reason, for some reason, the real “us” have found a way to survive this busy and unprecedented season. There was always a concern that the season would be delayed or never ended.

But here it is. In the last week of the 21-week season, the last four games are here.

Change the preview style, similar to the 5A DII preview. Instead of looking at previews of both teams, we’ll dig deeper into the DFW team from a local angle, opening Denton Ryan for the first state title since 2002.

Denton Ryan has reached the state’s final for the second year in a row, losing 28-22 to Alvin Shadow Creek last year when the game-winning touchdown pass timed out and fell into the grass.

Since then, Ryan has just overcome his opponents this season, so it was a “state or failure” spirit. Whether it’s a stuffy defense with all levels of talent studded with stars or a fast-paced attack with prominent weekly play, Ryan proved every week why he was the number one team in the state.

How Ryan came here

During the regular season, Ryan faced a difficult match between the city and Denton Gaia. Including that game, Ryan scored less than 41 points only twice just before the playoffs, averaging 30 points per game.

In the playoffs, Ryan completely dominated the first two rounds before facing more fierce competition in Longview and Highland Park. In those games, Ryan jumped to the top and seemed happy to just pass by and move on. But last week, Ryan played with his food, so after his Mansfield Summit returned to the game, he eventually raised the dial a bit and left late.

How Ryan wins

Involve Ja’Tavion Sanders from the beginning.

Even if there were plans to continue attacking two-way stars, the Mansfield Summit came up with those plans. It matched Sanders’ physique and put it under control.

But even if Cedar Park can limit Thunders (Thunder), we still need to find a way to limit Bowman (Lightning) who had 13 receptions and 134 yards. Due to his talent in skill positions, his biggest play will fall on quarterback Seth Henigan, who fought for most of the state’s title games last year.

Defensively, Ryan proved he could dominate the game when asked to do so. At the end of the game last week, the defense showed relentless pressure and was playing welcome.

How Ryan loses

I’ve been playing with your food for a long time.

Ryan needed a wakeup call to toggle the switch. The same is true at Cedar Park last week. Ryan can’t do that again and he wants to win. Ryan has athletes all over the field, but that’s not enough to secure the state’s championship. Collectively, the team cannot act as if it were a good team, and the opponent lays down.


This will be a competitive game. Ryan is backed by only one field goal, which can be very successful. Ryan hasn’t been asked to play full for 48 minutes this season, but he has to do so to win the title for the first time in 18 years. Seth Henigan had a solid ball distribution performance at this point, and the defense is again playing some big games to help Ryan get some distance on the scoreboard.

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