Watch Dogs: Legion’s Most Unsavory NPCs & Playable Characters

Watch Dogs: Legion’s Most Unsavory NPCs & Playable Characters

Watch Dogs: Legion may have playable super spies and ex-military grannies, but there are plenty of unsavory characters to recruit as well.

Despite Watch Dogs: Legion offering players a chance to hire any characters they see, there were bound to be a few recruits too unsavory for most jobs. Every NPC wandering the streets of Watch Dogs: Legion’s near-future London can be recruited into DedSec, opening the door for players to make a crew of average joes, elite super-spies, or quirky grannies. While most potential recruits offer unique perks like a spy car, advanced computer hacking skills, or an exclusive uniform to infiltrate locations, there are those who offer little more than peculiar backstories and unsavory personalities.

For every Bond-like action hero, there is someone with uncontrollable flatulence. For every construction worker, there is someone who identifies as a social media stalker. Sometimes these negative traits aren’t apparent without digging into the Watch Dogs characters’ personal histories via ctOS. With every character procedurally generated, there aren’t many individuals to single out, yet some of these backstories and traits can lead to a cast of potentially unsavory recruits.

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The most notable example came shortly after the game’s release when a Watch Dogs: Legion player encountered a pediatrician who had recently “ended [her] personal relationship with [a] patient.” Ubisoft was quick to apologize and add patches to ensure that wouldn’t happen for other players, but there is still plenty of dark and unsavory characters hiding in Watch Dogs: Legion.

Watch Dogs: Legion’s Unsavory NPC Backstories

watch dogs legion character key art

Watch Dogs: Legion created a wide array of personality traits so that each character would be unique and offer a clear picture of who they are and if they should be a part of a player’s team. While the positive traits can include donating to charity, teaching self-defense classes, or supporting their family, there are also those with more unsavory traits throughout the game.

Social media stalkers who obsessively search for a celebrity, people who compete in nude brawling in public, or Watch Dogs: Legion NPCs that have been banned from the London zoo for indecent conduct are some of the mild character traits players will encounter. With an overarching narrative of totalitarianism, censorship, and xenophobia, the negative traits Watch Dogs: Legion includes can get significantly worse. Police officers charged with brutality, medical professionals who failed out of medical school, and those who frequently post on anti-refugee forums show up just often enough to remind the player what kind of social state Watch Dogs’ world is in.

In Watch Dogs: Legion, unlocking the Deep Profiler shows players extensive information on a character’s day-to-day life. This metadata displays their recent activities, hobbies, and any other private information. These notes can include “killed a dolphin on vacation,” or “self-published animal crossbreeding horror stories,” or even being wanted for extortion and murder. These character traits and backstories don’t appear often, but when they do it provides a stark and unsettling reminder of what kind of people are out there.

Watch Dogs: Legion promised a world full of procedurally generated playable characters, and it delivered. Being able to recruit and play as any NPC in the game see is a remarkable achievement, yet players will still need to be cautious who they let into their rebellion. Despite the large cast of upstanding citizens ready to fight for London, there are just enough unsavory characters to make players think twice. From xenophobia and violence to unspeakable acts, Watch Dogs: Legion offers a broad cast of characters, whether or not these are people the players want to be.

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