Welcome To Plathville: Most Rebellious Pics Of Kim & Barry’s Kids

Welcome To Plathville: Most Rebellious Pics Of Kim & Barry’s Kids

Since Welcome to Plathville premiered, the Plath kids have rebelled against the harsh rules set by their parents and shocked fans with these pictures.

After two seasons of Welcome to Plathville, the fans have seen the Plath kids challenge the strict rules that Kim and Barry Plath set for them. The Plath children grew up isolated from the rest of the world and were given limited access to popular culture. This led to a shock for the older kids when they left home. Several of the older kids have social media accounts and shared pictures that would likely have their parents reeling.

Many things have changed for the Plath family since Welcome to Plathville season 1 aired, namely that Moriah and Micah have left the family home. The older children and younger kids have been separated, with Kim and Barry seemingly becoming even more protective over the younger ones. One of the major fights in Welcome to Plathville season 2 came when Ethan stood up for himself and his wife Olivia, as well as wanting some alone time to say goodbye to his siblings. Here are some of the most rebellious pictures the older Plath kids have shared with their fans on Instagram.

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Taste of Freedom

Many fans will remember that Kim and Barry Plath found Ethan’s wife Olivia to be a bad influence on Ethan and did not approve of their marriage. Olivia gave Ethan his first sip of soda, and also introduced him to his first alcoholic drinks, which he now shares more often on social media. Some of the more unusual rules in the Plath household were barring the kids from having any sugar, soda, and alcohol, so this was a new experience for Ethan that his parents did not support.

Siblings’ Day Out

After Micah and Moriah moved out of their family home, Kim and Barry had new rules for them to follow. The older kids were not allowed to see the younger ones without the parents’ supervision for fear that they would undermine their authority and encourage them to rebel. Micah apparently ignored that rule when posting about his day at an amusement park with two of his younger siblings. Micah has also shared shirtless Instagram pictures that his parents likely would not approve of.

Inked With A Message

Moriah is arguably the most openly rebellious of the Plath kids. She often dresses less conservatively than her siblings on Welcome to Plathville. She was always dreaming of living outside of the farm and pushing against the boundaries her parents set for the kids. After leaving home with Micah, Moriah felt free to make changes for herself like dyeing her hair and getting a tattoo. Kim and Barry prefer their kids to dress a certain way and not get body art, but Moriah has been the most vocal in having control over how she looks.

Biker Gal

Moriah and Max have been dating for a long time, but fans were initially shocked to see Moriah with a bad-boy biker type in one of the best moments on Welcome to Plathville. Not only were the Plath kids encouraged not to date when they were growing up, but Kim and Barry were likely just as surprised as fans to learn that Moriah’s new boyfriend rides a motorcycle. Fans have since supported the relationship, and many believe that they make a great, wholesome couple.

Rebellious In Red

Olivia Plath undoubtedly has a difficult relationship with her in-laws, even requesting a new wedding ring to remove the involvement of Ethan’s mom from the original. In one particular post, she alluded to the difficulties of sharing her side of the story on Welcome to Plathville. She also addressed some of the hate she’s gotten from fans of the show. Moreover, she’s been open about her marriage issues with Ethan, as the pair are often at the center of the drama featured on Welcome to Plathville.

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