Wendy’s employee charged with murder after customer was struck in the head

Antoine Kendrick is being charged with second degree murder after a man was struck in the head in a Prescott Valley fast food restaurant on July 26. The man died on Aug. 5.

According to the Prescott Valley Police Department, around 4:45 p.m. an altercation occurred in Prescott Valley near North Glassford Hill Road involving a Wendy’s employee and a customer.

Officials said a customer complained about his food order when Kendrick, a Wendy’s employee, came from behind the service counter and struck the customer in the head.

This caused the customer to fall to the floor and lose consciousness, according to officials.

The customer, a 67-year-old Dewey resident, was air-lifted to a Valley hospital where he was in critical condition until Aug. 5, officials said.

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