What A Samsung Galaxy S22 With A 200MP Camera Could Mean For Buyers

What A Samsung Galaxy S22 With A 200MP Camera Could Mean For Buyers

Smartphone camera quality is only increasing and getting more impressive each year. Could the latest Samsung Galaxy S phone feature a 200MP camera?

Rumors are now circulating that the next flagship in the Samsung S line – the Galaxy S22 – will feature a whopping 200-megapixel camera. While the phone isn’t expected to be announced until next year, leaks and potential upgrades are already starting to take shape. Here’s a look at what a 200-megapixel camera on a new Samsung smartphone might mean for consumers.

This kind of step forward in photo capabilities wouldn’t be new for Samsung. The Galaxy S21 Ultra already has a 108-megapixel sensor inside its four-camera array. Usually, the more megapixels in a camera, the more information can be stored for that photo. For instance, if an 18-megapixel camera takes a photo, only so much information can be stored, leading to lower quality when zooming in or cropping. For a phone like the Galaxy S21, 108 megapixels is plenty in order to capture and display photos in incredible detail. The phone is also capable of reaching a 100x zoom, utilizing dual telephoto lenses, for those who find it necessary to have in a daily driver, as well as image stabilization – a must when zooming in this much on a mobile device. Overall, the current-gen Galaxy S-series phone is absolutely packed to the teeth with image capturing technology, including the ability to shoot in 8K video.

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Samsung could make a couple of markedly large improvements with the Galaxy s22. According to Pulse News, the Galaxy S22 might feature a five-camera system on the rear of the device. At least one of which might be packing a 200-megapixel sensor, allowing for incredibly detailed shots. This kind of sensitivity isn’t very common in the mobile world, especially on lower-tier devices. Due to this, it seems highly unlikely that the 200-megapixel sensor will find its way to the base Galaxy S22 model. The S22 may have a few tiers, much like the current version, including a Galaxy S22 Ultra model to house the highest-quality lenses and sensors.

Samsung Reportedly Partnering With Olympus

Navy Blue Galaxy S21 Ultra


According to the latest information, Olympus will be partnering up with Samsung in order to help develop the camera array on the Galaxy S22. It’s unclear to what extent the Japanese camera manufacturer will be involved and whether or not the company will assist in the lens element design or sensor development. Either way, having a well-rooted camera company in on the development is likely to bode well for designing a high-spec camera system. This can pave the way to even higher resolution video recording, as well as extremely high definition photos, including zoom photos for consumers who love to stand a little farther back from the action.

Of course, 200 megapixels by itself won’t allow users to capture outstanding photos. Depending on how the sensor is incorporated and how good the optics are will determine whether or not the Galaxy S22 will be able to capture truly impressive photos. In the S21, the wide-angle camera was fitted with the 108-megapixel sensor. So, if the rumor is correct, then it would seem likely that the 200-megapixel sensor would allow for more detailed wide-angled shots, enabling users to crop and constrain photos without sacrificing quality. On the other hand, the sensor could be fitted with a telephoto lens, allowing for a combination of optical and digital zoom, providing a clear and crisp image from very far away.

The next Samsung Unpacked is coming up in August, but based on the company’s usual release schedule, that event is likely to be related to new foldables, wearables like the Galaxy Watch 4, and earbuds. More than likely, Samsung’s Galaxy S22 will be announced in early 2022, with or without a 200-megapixel camera.

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Source: Pulse News

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