What Emma The Demon Really Looks Like On Netflix’s Sexy Beasts

What Emma The Demon Really Looks Like On Netflix’s Sexy Beasts

The new show Sexy Beasts season 1 just released on Netflix and Emma The Demon chose her beast and took her mask off, revealing her true identity.

Sexy Beasts season 1 just dropped on Netflix and viewers are wondering what Emma the Demon from episode 1 really looks like behind the mask. Although she appeared as a demon throughout the episode, after picking her beast at the end, she took off her mask and revealed her true identity. Here is what Emma really looks like.

Emma was introduced to Sexy Beast viewers as a 6-foot tall model who lives in New York and is hoping to find love. Emma told the cameras she was tired of being judged based on her looks alone and is wanting to find someone who will love her for her personality. When asked what type of person she is looking for, Emma said she wanted someone who isn’t too “perfect looking.” She dated Archie, Adam, and Bennett and she did not seem overly impressed with any of them after their first conversation. She ended up saying goodbye to Adam and then told Archie and Bennett they need to step it up on the second date because she was not thrilled with them either. She ended up taking a liking to Bennett after their amusement park date and chose him in the end.

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At the end of the episode, Emma the Demon took off her mask, showing what she really looks like to her chosen beast, Bennett. Emma revealed that she is a stunning beauty and it is clear why she is a model in New York. Bennett seemed very pleased after seeing who the true Emma is and Emma seemed thrilled with Bennett as well, saying, “I definitely made the right decision.” She then expressed that she cannot wait to see where the relationship with Bennett goes. She even said she thinks he is hot, so there was also a physical attraction there.

Emma the Demon Unmasked on Sexy Beasts

Viewers were dying to know if Emma and Bennett really did form a true connection on the show and if they are still together today. There are no signs of Emma on Bennett’s Instagram and unfortunately, no Instagram account for Emma can be found, so it looks like Sexy Beast viewers will have to wait and see if the pair lasted.

While fans may not know too much about Emma the Demon from Sexy Beasts season 1, it is clear that the professional model is gorgeous. Netflix is set to release season 2 of the show sometime toward the end of 2021 with six more episodes of masked contestants trying to find love.

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